She's not Afraid

Charlie Evergreen isn't your average 19 year old. She was taken when she was thirteen, kidnapped by some of her closest friends. She was taken to a secret compound, far in the merciless regions of the Mojave Desert.
That's when the truth came out. That almost 500 children are taken every year, mostly from poorer homes. The agency Charlie was at, had missions to retrieve those kids, to step in when the police failed.
So she joins. When she turns 19, she gets a mission. To kidnap Niall Horan, world-famous boy band star, and recruit him. How hard can it be?


37. Chapter 37

After what seemed like hours, which admittedly could've been mere minutes, I heard steps tapping down the stairs. The acoustics of the basement was coming in handy.

"Niall!" I hiss, shaking his shoulder. He moaned, clearly not wanting to wake up. "Someone's coming!" I breathed urgently.

His eyes flew open "Rob?". The door opened, revealing Sara, Chloe, Sydney, Megan, Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn.

"Guys!" I yelled in joy, tackling them in a hug. "Woah, what's the matter?" Sara giggled. I looked at her strangely "You don't know-"

I was cut off by the door slamming behind them. Sydney tried the door. "It's locked." She frowned. Louis pounded the door with his fist "Hello!? Rob!?"

Niall and I exchange furtive, knowing looks. "Guys, you've been tricked." Niall said morosely. "What do you mean?" Chloe asked, confusion etched in her face.

"Did Rob take your weapons?" I ask imperatively. "Yeah, he said he would check them up for any damage. And he said he didn't like guns and ammunition in the dining room." Zayn said easily.

"So he fed you?" Niall asked, disbelieving. Harry nodded "That shrimp gumbo was to die for.". "Oh come on!" Niall groaned.

"But, what do you guys mean by tricked?" Megan asked. I take a deep breath, and start to explain. By the time I was done, not a single jaw was closed.

"So, Rob's the founder of this mysterious federation the whole time?" Chloe asked, dumbfounded. Niall nods "It's called Calamity."

"I don't care what it's called! How could he do this!? How could he destroy Optimum?" Sara yelled, furious.

I nod tiredly "It was a trap. A brilliant one, but a diabolical one." . "What's he going to do with us?" Liam voiced the question that had been on my mind since being captured.

"My best bet is that he's going to round up all stragglers and bring them here." I pause. Steeling my nerves, I say "Then maybe some mass execution. All former agents, dead."

Louis gasped "He can't do that!". Niall shrugs "Yes he can. This man is certifiably insane.". "You were right." Sara told me.

"What?" I frown. "The missing files? He must've stolen them." Sara explains. Realization dawns on me "Why didn't I remember that!?" I yell.

"It's okay." Liam tried to comfort. "No! I could've foreseen this! I should've foreseen this!" My voice broke "It's all my fault."

"No it's not! You've been fazed by grief for Optimum! And it does it no good to regret anything! We need to focus on the matter at hand." Niall said softly, wrapping me in a hug.

I grin "You are seriously starting to sound like me.". He laughed "I'm proud of it.". "Guys, he didn't take all of my weapons." Chloe said haltingly.

"Wait, what?" Sara did a double take. A dark maroon blush dusted her cheeks. She reached inside her, shirt?

She pulled out a small, metal square. It looked like a thimble. "I had a small explosive in my bra." She mumbles.

"That's brilliant!" I say, bamboozled. "Chloe, we can blow this place up! That'll definitely kill Rob!" Niall said, clapping his hands like a small child.

"Let's find a way to escape first!!" Megan reminded. "We can't be in the basement when that thing goes off!" Harry agreed.

"Guys! What about the basement window?" Sara suggested. Niall shrugged "It's too thick.". "Is there a rock or a brick around here somewhere?" Louis asked.

So we looked, foraging in the very deepest corners. This wasn't even a basement, a dungeon to be more correct.

"Guys! Over here!" Sara called. Within seconds, everyone was by her side. "Look! The mortar is crumbling. We can free a brick or two and whack it on the window!" Sara explained.

"What can we use to crumble the mortar?" I mused, thinking hard. "Wait, I got it!" Sydney blurted. Nimbly, she unfastened a hair pin from her light brown hair.

She inserted it into the plaster and started to use it like an archeologist's pick. Soon enough, with the pin now bent out of shape, a crumbling brick unbuckled from the wall.  

"Victory!" Chloe cheered quietly. I pick it up, weighing it in my hand. I stride over the window. I waste no time and artlessly bashed it into the thick fiberglass.

Nothing. "Let me try." Zayn offered. After he pummeled the glass, a thin fissure appeared in the window.

Soon enough, there was a sizable hole. We used Sydney's hair pin again to wiggle another, sturdier, brick out of the wall. Niall inserted it into the aperture and wiggled the brick around to create a larger orifice. We had our hole now.

Then I heard it. "Everyone shut up!" I say sharply. The room, previously filled with an excited chatter to the prospect of escaping, fell to a anxious hush.

There was the sharp staccato of steps spiraling down. "We gotta get out of here!" I hiss. "Wait, the bomb!" Zayn reminded.

"I'll stay and activate the bomb! You guys go! I'll be right on your heels!" Chloe said, already punching in the activation code.

"There's no time!" Sara said, hysterical. She hoisted herself up and out, followed by everyone else but me and Chloe.

"Chloe! Come on!" I say urgently. The steps were getting closer. "No! This is malfunctioning, but I can fix it!" She insisted.

It was the look in her eyes, the raw power gleaming through the chocolate shade, that convinced me. I elevated my body up and out.

My palms slipped against the rain sodden grass as I pulled my legs out. I started running with no apparent direction. Well, I ran in one direction. Oh, aren't I hysterical?

That's when it happened. It was like a cliché, overrated action thriller. The manor blew up. A gust of white hot air propelled me forward, making me stumble and face-plant.

A burst of flames licked down my leg, making me scream in agony. My vision tunneled. I felt strong arms lift me up.

My eyes hooded from the pain, but I made out a flash of dirty, tousled hair. Niall. The throb in my leg felt like torture.

After a while, Niall slowed to a stop, setting me in the grass. I caught sight of my bloody, mangled leg and wheezed in despair.

"Oh my god! Your leg!" Sara gasped. I sit up, head swimming. I felt as if I was going to faint. "Where's Chloe?" Zayn asked, eyes wide.

A burst of realization tore through me like a bullet "She said she was right behind me! The bomb was defective, and she said she was going to fix it and follow me out!" I stammer.

"She's gone." Megan whispered. I sink back into the earthy, moist grass. The stars above glimmered and shone, swirled in a celestial dance, but I wasn't soothed. "She's up there now." I whisper, before the pain induced me to fall unconscious.

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