She's not Afraid

Charlie Evergreen isn't your average 19 year old. She was taken when she was thirteen, kidnapped by some of her closest friends. She was taken to a secret compound, far in the merciless regions of the Mojave Desert.
That's when the truth came out. That almost 500 children are taken every year, mostly from poorer homes. The agency Charlie was at, had missions to retrieve those kids, to step in when the police failed.
So she joins. When she turns 19, she gets a mission. To kidnap Niall Horan, world-famous boy band star, and recruit him. How hard can it be?


29. Chapter 29

I hadn't spoken to Niall ever since the incident. But the next week, I was forced too. That was the first day we started training.

Call me cruel, but I started pushing him relentlessly. I made him run a few miles, gave him a five minute break, and then told him to do twenty push-ups. Then it was time for stuff like the knife throwing and wrestling.

And to be completely honest, he sucked. He was okay with the ruthless running exercises, barely keeping up, but when it came to tactical stuff....

"Grip the handle lightly. Stand like this." I demonstrated the correct stance. Niall clumsily mimicked me.

"I said hold the handle gently. Loosen those fingers." I direct. He does so. "Okay now square your shoulders and chuck the knife. Make sure your arm follows through."

He takes a deep breath before throwing it. The knife sails towards the target, but bounces off harmlessly.

"Put a little more power into the throw." I instruct. The next few hours are a lot like this. I make him keep at it until the knife cut into the far right of the target.


"Good enough for today." I say. He nods. I bite my lip, making a split second decision. "Hey, I think I want to show you something."

Niall looks at me, surprised. "Sure." He replied. I stood up "Follow me." At the moment, we were training in gym #6, the one studded with targets for archery and knife throwing.

I led him through the tunnels, before we reached the main plaza. The Spire's windows were dark, and the vicinity was empty.

"Come on." I urge, jogging to a corner. I was taking him to the Net. The corner was empty, except for a basket of harnesses and a few rock-climbing ropes set up.

"Put this on." I say, tossing Niall a harness while strapping myself in a smaller one. I unhooked a cord and reattached it at the clip at my waist.

"Here, let me help you." I tighten a few straps encircling Niall's waist. I hook on a cord and the job is complete.

"Hold on tightly." I say giddily. He looks at me in ill-disguised fear as I press a small button. The cords scream as we zoom upwards, pulled by pulleys hidden in the rafters above.

Adrenaline freezes my body as I squeeze my eyes shut. The netting looms above us, and we shoot up through the huge hole in the middle of the net.

I slowly pull on my cord "Keep pulling so that the cord can feed through, so we can land on the netting!" I call to Niall.

He listened to my instructions, and we ended up collapsing into the netting. I straighten "Be careful."

He sits up "T-This is bloody crazy." I chuckle "You've been listening to 5SOS too much." He rolls his eyes "They're pretty awesome, who can blame me?"

"Is that why you kept on trying to photo-bomb them?" He sticks his tongue out playfully as I laugh.

I shakily stand up "Come on for a second." I help him get up and lead him to the side of the net. He flinches at the dizzying height. "It's okay. If you fall, the harness will catch you." I leave out how painful it is when your body gets abruptly jerked upwards.

He bites his lip as I take a seat on the edge of the interlocked net. The cord makes a quiet hiss as it feeds out from the hidden pulleys above.

"Come sit." I invite. Niall sits next to me. The tension isn't that heavy, but still there. "I'm sorry." I said suddenly.

Niall inhales sharply, but stays silent. I had to get this off my chest "I shouldn't have snapped at you, but in all fairness, you were prodding and poking my sore spots."

"I know, and I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me to say that, I had no right to." Niall said quietly.

"Where are we?" I ask. He stays silent "What do you mean?" I roll my eyes, but since we were side-by-side, he didn't see.

"Our relationship, as you know, was forced. At the beginning, it was all business. But then-" I stop.

I take a deep breath before continuing "I think we need to resort to just being friends. Nothing more, and definitely nothing less."

"If that's what you want." He says shortly. I frown "So, you're okay about it." He turns to face me "You're a great girlfriend and a great friend. Something is better is nothing. And you at least were willing to talk it out. You could've ignored me, but then you took me fifty feet in the air to talk. I mean, at least it's private-"

I cut off his rambling "I'm just happy you don't hate me." He smiles "I can't ever hate you." I try to not blush, but fail.

"And at least this whole ordeal has opened a new side to you." Niall adds. I cock my head, prompting him to continue.

"You aren't afraid. At any situation, you're always so calm and collected. I don't know if you're shaking inside, because there's no way to tell." I stay silent "If only that were true."

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