She's not Afraid

Charlie Evergreen isn't your average 19 year old. She was taken when she was thirteen, kidnapped by some of her closest friends. She was taken to a secret compound, far in the merciless regions of the Mojave Desert.
That's when the truth came out. That almost 500 children are taken every year, mostly from poorer homes. The agency Charlie was at, had missions to retrieve those kids, to step in when the police failed.
So she joins. When she turns 19, she gets a mission. To kidnap Niall Horan, world-famous boy band star, and recruit him. How hard can it be?


26. Chapter 26

I woke up with a crick in my neck and a dull ache in my heart. I shift uneasily, the entire truck was dark and silent.

I see my bag and reach for it. I manage to close my hands along the rim of the clutch. I try to move in small, dainty movements. Wouldn't want to wake Niall.

In a small, deft move; I open the bag and search inside of it. Seeing the tools of evil brought fresh guilt, so I grabbed my phone and kly and flung the bag to the other side of the truck, trying to dispel the pain.

Niall stirred "C-Charlie?" I smile softly "Go back to sleep.." He sits up, rubbing his temple gently. "What's going on?"

I avoid his eyes "You'll see." "But I want to know now!" Niall hissed. I square my jaw "You'll see!" "You're a stubborn asshole sometimes." Niall muttered. This was bait I couldn't resist. Smiling sweetly, I said "I know."

He huffs and sits back. All of a sudden, a bright light fills the room. I hiss a little, startled. Miranda had opened the doors "Rise and shine cupcakes!!"

Everyone groggily got up. The lads seemed to be to sleepy to question their kidnapping. Like toddlers, we led them out into the burning desert air.

"We're taking them to the north entrance." Mitchell said. The northern entrance to Optimum was a bit... grand. It was a small, abandoned convenience store parked at the end of a winding trail that branched off of Interstate 15.

It was like a scene out of a movie. The gas pumps were boarded up, the glass had an inch of dust, and the plywood sign was faded to the point where the lettering was illegible.

I grabbed Niall's wrist as an extra precaution. He flinches, withdrawing from my grasp "What the hell is going on!?"

I should've known this was coming. The grace period warranted my the initial shock and confusion of the situation was wearing off, just like my already hassled patience.

"It'll be better and easier if you choose to cooperate." Sara says, her voice sharp. "We have no idea what's going on! There's a thousand questions, which equals to a thousand answers you owe us!" Louis explodes.

"Mr. Tomlinson, I highly suggest you calm down." Sydney said harshly. "This is like a fucking movie! Let me guess, you're with some sort of secret service?" Liam laughs mirthlessly.

"You are actually correct Mr. Payne." Miranda said shortly, smirking a little. "I refuse to go anywhere with you until we get answers." Harry said, his eyes glowing with resistance.

"Oh come on." I say in exasperation. Niall smirks "I agree." the abandoned lot rang with sounds of assent.

The patronizing smirks they had, burned up whatever shred of sympathy I had. Time to play bad.

I slide my gun out of the waistband of my skirt, and press the nub of the barrel into Niall's head.

The weight of the gun was so soothing, and for some sick reason, it steadied me. Niall froze, stock-still, under the fear of the weapon I wielded.

"You don't want to see my bad side." I hiss, my voice uncharacteristically deep. Niall nods slightly.

I drop my arm, my finger slipping from the trigger. A good scare was called for. "Listen up." I said loudly, my voice reverberating powerfully.

After my little stunt, all eyes were on me. I survey their faces "I am not the same happy-go-lucky person you thought you knew. There are horrors in this world, ones even you have never seen. But I have. I am not nice, and I play dirty. I've killed before, and I will again."

Silence. Pure, shocked silence. "We have to move." Megan said curtly. I nod, walking to the boarded up shop.

Since this was not your average commercial establishment to waste money on locks, we got in easily. The area was spooky, darkness striped with shafts of sunlight peeking through the wooden boards that covered the windows. Dust swirled, displaced by every footstep.

I meander over to the back wall, the one banded by shelving, long stripped of food. I crouch to the bottommost shelf.

Wasting no time, I plunge my hand to the back recesses of the shelf. My fingers probe the softened wood, until they brush the familiarity of plastic.

I jab my hand on the button, stepping away quickly. With a modern sounding whoosh, the entire wall shot down into the cracked linoleum.

I turn around, a slow and triumphant grin on my lips "Welcome to Optimum."

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