She's not Afraid

Charlie Evergreen isn't your average 19 year old. She was taken when she was thirteen, kidnapped by some of her closest friends. She was taken to a secret compound, far in the merciless regions of the Mojave Desert.
That's when the truth came out. That almost 500 children are taken every year, mostly from poorer homes. The agency Charlie was at, had missions to retrieve those kids, to step in when the police failed.
So she joins. When she turns 19, she gets a mission. To kidnap Niall Horan, world-famous boy band star, and recruit him. How hard can it be?


10. Chapter 10

*Charlie's P.O.V*
        I really couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned, the sticky sheets ensnaring my legs. I sighed, and slid out of bed. The moon was full tonight, and it cast a eerie, silver glow everywhere. I opened the window. The night air felt cool and calm on my face. A glance at the clock read 2:45 AM. I shuddered, recalling my dream.

        I ran through the brush, tears overwhelming my eyes. I left them. I actually am leaving my family. They are great people, but they just never understood me.
        They were quiet and respectful, and I was loud and wild. I barely understand how I am related to them. I tripped over a log and fell. I heard footsteps nearing me. I got up, but a hand grabbed my bicep.

        I almost let out small gasp of surprise, but the small amount of training I have received has taught me well. "Don't leave!" the boy panted. I looked at his sea green eyes. The ones I had loved for so long. "Percy, let go!" I said harshly. "Never in a million years." Percy said.

        I knew him too well, he wasn't going to let me leave. "I don't want to hurt you." I warned. "You leaving will hurt me!" Percy yelled. I silenced him by cupping a hand over his mouth. Percy's eyes widened, and I felt a tongue brush my fingers. "Ew!" I whisper-yelled, withdrawing my palm in disgust.

        "Gotcha." Percy smirked, flashing an amused smile. "I need to leave. I promise I'll visit." I cast my eyes down. "No, you won't." Percy said softly. "Perce, please let me go. I swear that as soon as this whole deal is over I'll find you.". Percy looked at me, tears pooling in his eyes.

        I smiled a little and ruffled his already messy black hair. "Percy, I will never forget you." Percy looked at me in the eyes. I was about to smile reassuringly, but Percy surprised me. Cupping my face with his calloused hands, he crashed his lips on mine. I was so shocked, I couldn't kiss back. I pulled away, but Percy didn't release me yet. He rested his button nose on my ugly rounded one and whispered "Please don't forget."

        Percy finally relinquished his hold and walked away quickly. I snapped out of my trance and yelled ". You got your wish moron! How am I supposed to forget about you now!?" Percy turned and laughed. His laugh was a rarity, the kind that could generate power and make birds sing along. And I was so going to miss it. "Bye Smarthead!" Percy called. "See you soon Kelp Face." I responded. Percy gave one last wave before disappearing into the woods' foliage. 

        I breathed, my pulse quickening. I killed Percy. I killed Percy. I didn't kill him personally, but I should've known he wouldn't let me leave. Being the stubborn asshole he is, he'd follow like a lost puppy. Straight into the path of danger. I shook as another flashback hit me.

        I crept up to the warehouse. It's my first assignment, a 10 year old boy from Delaware. I was in Detroit. Actually, I was so close to my home. It hurt to be so close, yet so far away. I heard a rustling in the bush and pointed my gun. A scraggly boy fell out. "Please Charlie." Oh no, it was Percy. I rushed to his side. "You moron, I told you not to follow.". His eyes looked pleading. "I needed to tell you-"
"HEY!"  A man's voice called. I point my gun, finger on the trigger. "Go home." I whispered. He pulled himself up "No."
The man came into view with a gun like mine, his bare arms decorated in repeating tattoos of a dove with devil horns. I pulled the trigger and he fell lifelessly. But I heard two gunshots. I sprinted to the warehouse, finding the boy tied up to a chair.. Good, he was okay. I gently cut his bindings and noticed a gushing cut on his forehead. I cut my sleeve off and wrapped it around the wound. "Are you saving me?" the boy whispered. I nodded. I saw some police sirens. I led the boy away, but he refused to move. "Help is there." he pointed. "No.", I sighed," I am part of an unknown organization, but I am taking you home, I promise." The boy resisted, but I can't fail my first assignment. I sprayed knockout gas on his nostrils as he inhaled. I slung his limp small frame over my shoulder and ran away. But as the sun rose, I noticed two bodies on the ground. Percy was dead, and I didn't save him. Instead, I saved a stranger.

 *Flashback over*

        I surveyed the night scene. Not a single gust of wind ruffled any leaves. The street was dark and forbidding. I took a last deep breath. I turned to my closet.

        I tugged out an outfit from the endless sea of black clothing. I snatched my hand gun and slid a knife in my waistband for good measure.

        Don't worry, the knife is sheathed. I'm not that big of an idiot. I snuck down the stairs. Once I made it safely down the stairs, I quietly opened the front doors. I stood on the porch, breathing in the crisp, snipping air. It was heavenly.

        I scampered down the street, keeping my strides frictionless and soundless. I sensed movements behind me and , in a nimble and swift move, whipped my gun out. I saw a black cat with lamplike eyes staring at me. I blushed in embarrassment  and continued walking. I was almost to the park when I felt a force ram into me.

        I whipped my knife out this time and tried slashing. I saw the pale, fleshy part of an underarm and aimed. I heard a sharp intake of breath and realized I hit my mark. I aimed for the Adam's Apple I spotted, but my attacker held my arms down. "Hey there pretty lady." my attacker pulled out a knife, It glowed in the moonlight.

         It wasn't even deadly looking, it was dainty. Long and thin with a small curve at the top. He traced my jaw line with it, and I hissed. He was wearing a ski mask, but his black, liquid eyes and his yellow toothed smirk was clear. He sunk the knife at the curve of my chin and I gasped in pain.

        I felt the warm trickle of blood dribble down my neck. I gripped my knife and made a sudden move. Big mistake. "You aren't very smart." he commented. I opened my mouth to scream. but he slashed at my stomach. The pain was immediate, like a thousand burning coals on my belly. I got hurt in training before, but this didn't even compare. Those wounds were bee stings compared to this one.

        I let out a blood curdling scream and gasped. I felt the blood soak my shirt, the warmth horrifying. The man smiled sadistically, and I prepared myself for another onslaught of pain.

        "BITCH, DON'T HURT MY GIRL!" a shrill voice shrieked. The man toppled off me. I groaned, but summoned the energy to turn my head. I saw a female figure punching the living daylights out of my assaulter.

        "BITCH YOU MESSED WITH THE WRONG CHICK!". Even when she's mad, Sara is funny. I felt a cool palm on my cheek. The hand guided my face until a blue-eyed boy came into view. "Niall?" I croaked, but the world succumbed to oblivion.


*Niall's P.O.V*
        I shook her, but she had already fallen unconscious. By now, Liam and Harry already reached the scene.
"Mate we called the ambulance, what happen-" Liam fell silent at the sight of Charlie's body.
I lifted the hem of her shirt tentatively to see how deep the gash was. Harry covered his mouth. Yeah, it looked horrible. It was a scarlet slash, and blood was still pouring.
        Harry went to go calm down Sara who was still punching the guy, although she was crying while doing it.
"Stupid, stupid, stupid." she repeated. I trained my eyes on Charlie's face. It was pale, but I caressed her cheekbone, rubbing small circles.        
       I don't know why I am so infatuated with this girl. I met her only a week ago, but she feels like my....... I don't know. I think our relationship isn't brotherly-sisterly one. It's definitely more. By now I heard sirens wailing. The ambulance skidded to a stop and I was pulled away from Charlie.
"No, I need to-" I fought. "I gotcha." Zayn whispered. I looked around. I saw everyone crowding the scene. Sydney and Louis were stark-faced, Megan was crying and Liam had a look of pain on his face, Zayn looked like he'd been the one stabbed and Harry was comforting a sobbing Sara and Chloe.
        The paramedics loaded her into the ambulance. In midst of the chaos, a paramedic said "One person may ride with her, family only."
Sara spoke up "None of us are family.".
"Let Niall go." Chloe added, I looked at her gratefully . The paramedic looked unsure, but ushered me into the vehicle.
        She looked paler then ever. I zoned out of the chaos, and focused on her face. I took her hand and held it firmly. I don't normally pray, but I was thinking of every prayer my mum ever told me, repeating them in rapid fire motion in my mind.
By then we had reached a hospital. They took Charlie out and loaded her into a gurney. I wanted to follow them as they wheeled her into the maze of hallways. Unfortunately for me, a different paramedic placed a hand on my chest.
"Sir, you can't come. The waiting room is open, so you can wait there to see if she's okay."
        I wanted to scream. I wanted to throw a temper tantrum so I can see her. I opened my mouth to protest, but I felt a pain of defeat strike my heart. It wouldn't do her an good if I threw a fit. I regretfully made my way to the waiting room.
        Sara, Chloe, Sydney, Zayn, Megan, Liam, Harry, and Louis looked up at me. The girls had red eyes and Chloe was holding a sopping wet tissue. I slumped in a chair and rubbed my temples. Why was I so scared for her? When I had surgery on my knee, I wasn't even this nervous!
        "Why did she go out in the middle of the night?" I said. Sydney looked at me regretfully "It's how she calms herself. She gets nightmares, but don't tell her that I told you. Wait for her to tell you herself."
"How did you find her?" Chloe asked me. I sighed "I couldn't sleep. I looked out the window as I got a glass of water and saw her get pushed over."
"Thank you for calling me." Sara said. I shrugged "You were the first contact I saw.".
        A nurse stepped inside. We stood up. "Mary Bobbins' father?" A middle aged man stood up. The nurse beckoned him into the hallway and her followed. I groaned and sat down.       
        The next few hours were as painfully dull. Chloe and Megan fell asleep on their chairs and Sara was slowly nodding off. Harry was playing Candy Crush on his phone. Zayn was staring into space, but occasionally glanced at the sleeping Chloe. Liam and Louis were dispatched a few minutes ago to go and get some junk from the vending machine in the hall.
        Liam and Louis finally returned and dropped some goodies on a vacant seat. "Here you go mate." Liam said, tossing a bag of Doritos at me. I shook my head, this wasn't a time for eating.
        Half an hour later, dawn was beginning to lighten the sky, a nurse came in.
"Charlie Evergreen?"
        We stood up. At the name of their fallen friend; Chloe, Megan, and Sara shook out of their light sleep.
The nurse's eyes widened at us and she said "Charlie isn't exactly okay. She did lose substantial blood, and we need to get a donor in the next twenty-four hours to giver her blood."
"What do you mean?" I asked
"We need another pint to give her. If we don't, yes, she will have to die." The nurse said sadly.
"What type?" Megan asked. The nurse consulted her paper " A."
        My heart almost stopped.
"I'm an A." I said. The nurse smiled "Are you willing to donate?". It was the easiest decision I had ever made. "Yes."

*Charlie's P.O.V*
        I woke up, the blinding hospital lights jarring me awake. I groaned and rubbed my temples. A nurse walked in. "Hello, I'm Marina, your nurse."
"Hello Marina my nurse." I said, half-joking. An amused smile flashed on her face.
"You have some visitors.", she said as she loaded up a syringe.
"Urg, shots?" I groaned.
Marina only gave a half smile as she replied "It'll help fight any infection that could set in from your wound."
        My wound. My wound. My wound? I remembered last night.
"What happened to-" I said frantically. I felt like a lost creature, struggling to find answers. "It's alright, the man is in custody. A few people haven't left the waiting room since they brought you in. Its okay."
I relaxed, but tensed up when Marina injected the medicine in my left forearm. "Sorry! I needed to!" Marina apologized. I waved her apology off "No biggie."
"Do you want to see your visitors?" Marina asked tentatively. I nodded eagerly. Marina left for a few minutes and returned with Sara, Sydney, Megan, and Chloe.
"Hey." I said weakly. The pain of my abdomen was beginning to reoccur and damn it hurt.
"Oh my gods you are an idiot." Chloe said.
"Why the hell did you sneak out?" Megan asked. I shrunk a bit at the severity of her voice. "I had a dream about him and I needed to clear my head.".
        Their faces softened. I told them about Percy a long time ago. "Aw, Bubbles, it'll be okay." Chloe cooed. I shook my head, biting my lip. Tears were beginning to roll down my cheeks. "I killed him."
"No, you didn't." Sydney said, handing me a tissue. I wiped my damp cheeks and gave a half-smile, like Mona-Lisa, and said "It doesn't matter.".
        The girls looked worried, but I didn't want to plague them any longer. They'd probably be worried sick if I told them about the day-time flashbacks.
"Hey ladies.", Marina poked her head in," The next group of visitors want to come in."
"The lads." Sara confirmed. I nodded "Let them come in."
"Um, one named Mr. Niall Horan wants to see you alone first." Marina said. I felt my eyes widen. Niall wants to see me alone? I nodded. The girls exited the room. A few minutes later, Niall appeared.
        He looked terrible. His eyes were lined with red and his eyes had lost it's playful glow. "Hey Nialler." I greeted warmly. Niall strode over and attentively brushed a lock of my hair away from my face. I felt like arcs of electricity coursed from his fingers to my face when he did that.
"You scared me so much." Niall said hoarsely. It sounded as if he had been crying recently. I smiled reassuringly "Forgive me then." Niall cracked a smile.
"Seriously, I'm okay." I lied. Niall searched my face. I grinned. Before I could react, Niall crashed his lips on mine. I felt my eyes widen. I closed my eyes, staring at my red inside-eyelids, and felt Niall's hand snake behind the neck. He supported my skull and I was trapped by his hands.

        Did I mention I was shocked? Like literally? I felt like I could fling my palms and volts of electricity will spring from my outstretched fingers. Niall released my lips and I looked in his blue eyes.

        I wad getting lost in those pools. I wanted to stare into them forever, studying the powder blue shade.  "Woah." I breathed. Niall chuckled and pulled away. I stared at him, wide eyed. I hadn't been hypnotized by eyes before Percy.

        "Um, sorry I did that randomly." Niall apologized sheepishly. I shook my head and smiled lightly "I didn't mind.". I am screwed. He is blushing. I am screwed. God, he looks hot even when he's red. Where did that come from? I NEED TO SHUT UP NOW!

        Niall smiled "Um, will you be, uh, you know, my girlfriend?". I smiled "Of course Niall. I've had a crush on you for a long-" Oh fuck. I did not just say that. Nope, I didn't.

        "Aw, same but with you." Niall said. It was my turn to blush now. "Um.", Marina poked her head in. I smiled softly and said "Hi Marina.". "Sorry, but the next group wants to come in.".

"Okay." Niall agreed. I nodded, but I turned beet red when Niall kissed my cheek good-bye. It was a small peck, but the skin where his lips touched burned in a pleasant way.

        A few minutes later, the lads came in. "Charlie!" they chorused. "Hi." I said, with almost equal verve. "Are you feeling okay?" Louis asked, a hint of anxiety in his voice.

        I smiled reassuringly. "Only a little sore. The painkillers are like magic." I assured them. "Thank god." Harry said. "So, you and Niall?" Zayn said. I let my gaze fall from theirs, smiling a little.

        "The sneaky bastard kissed you." Liam said, snapping his fingers. I laughed and nodded a little. "Oooh, you are together!" Harry said, clapping his hands like a small child.

        "Charlie and Niall, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Louis chanted. I turned the death glare at his blue eyes, but I couldn't hold it. "You guys are worse then I expect the girls will be." I whined.

        "I can't wait to tell them! Sara and I were talking about how cute the two of you guys would be a few days ago." Harry laughed. I raised an eyebrow at him "What about you and Sara?"

        It was Harry's turn to blush as we all laughed. I stopped after a moment because laughing irritates the pain in my stomach. "Um, you and Chloe!" Harry retaliated, pointing at Zayn.

        Zayn's light caramel skin was tinted a light shade of pink as he shouted "Louis and Sydney.". Louis shrugged "I like my girlfriend. So what you man-whores."

        My eyes widened, although I already knew this information. "How?" I stuttered. Louis looked a bit blushy, but he said "I took her to the lake, as friends. Um, we went into the water, right? I expected the scariest thing to happen was maybe a fat woman wearing a tiny bikini, but I was wrong."

        "What was the scary thing then?" Harry said. "Another person wearing red jeans and a striped shirt?" Liam teased. Louis shook his head, fake-aghast "A fish swum between my legs."

        "Ooooh, he had some ideas." Harry smirked. Louis rolled his eyes and continued "Then it did the same to Sydney.". "Do I need to repeat-" Harry tried to say, but I stopped him by punching his shoulder lightly "Shut up!"

        "She jumped, as much as you can in five feet of water, and sorta leaned against me. I took the opportunity and..." Louis trailed off. I yelled "Sydney and Louis, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" . The room burst in laughter as Marina stuck her head in the room again "Sorry to be a spoiler, but Charlie needs to rest."
         With that, everyone filed out of the room and I fell into a deep sleep, hoping for no new nightmares. Or worse, another flashback.


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