break down. [ON HOLD]

I am very sad
Not for today
As I feel
The presence of them all
And my body is warm,
But for the next
Hundreds of years
Will there be any one
To care and love?


5. summer break.

*Emma's POV:*

I waited for the teacher to dismiss us from class. Two minutes to go, then it's finally summer break! i really need a few weeks off from school.


I heard the class cheering and some even crying, ugh , sometimes people can really overreact. I mean, why would you cry? it's not that someone's dying or something. if you're going to miss your friend why not hang out, call or Skype with each other?

I grabbed my grey Nike bag off the floor and walked towards my locker. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I grabbed it and unlocked it 'you have a new unread message' I clicked on the icon and saw that I received one from  Matt. Matt is my best friend since kindergarten, He also had to do this year over, so I'm actually very lucky since he's my only friend at this school.

Matt: Hey, can u hang out after school?

Me: sure

Matt: k, see ya in 5 minutes at the coffee shop.


I started to walk again. When I reached my locker I scanned my pass and opened it. I throwed my unused books in it and closed it. The coffee shop wasn't far away, maybe a three minute walk.




"Hey Matt" I walked over him and gave him a tight hug. He instantly hugged back and gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek. We walked over to a table, and sat down. A women around our age walked over to our table and placed two cups of coffee on our table. "Here you go, two cups of hazelnut coffee. Enjoy your drinks"


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