break down. [ON HOLD]

I am very sad
Not for today
As I feel
The presence of them all
And my body is warm,
But for the next
Hundreds of years
Will there be any one
To care and love?


4. distant

*Sam's POV:* (before Emma came home)


i stood in the kitchen, i heard a beeping noise comming from the oven. Yasss the apple-pie is done! Holy Fuck, i sound like a girl, oh well if i was a girl i'd be a hot one. Ha.

I took a oven blanket thing, i don't know how you call it and I don't want to know, and took out the pie.

"Dad! the pie thing is done!" i said to my dad who was in the dinning room.

"Okay , just  bring it here!" i took the pie and walked over to my dad, i placed down the pie and passed my dad the cutting knife so he could slice it in pieces.

"Did you put the saved food for Emma in the microwave?"

"Yeah i did, do you know where she is? her school ended like, three-and-a-half hours ago..i've called her a couple of times but i got the voicemail.."

"No, i haven't heard from her, do you think something happened? what if she-" ugh , dads. Always overthinking.

"Nah, she could be at a friends house or something" i accuatly felt something weird in the pit of my stomach, was i worried?


*Harry's POV:*


i feel so depressed. I'm just riding im my car without destination.

Maybe i should go over to my friends? i can talk with them and at least they listen to me about what i have to say. They were there for me in hard times.


Before i knew it i arrived at Zayn's and Louis's house. I stepped out of my car and slammed the door. I pressed the lock-button and heard the locks acctivate. I walked over to their door and knocked a few times. Seconds later Louis opened the door.

"Hey mate, you don't look that good, come in." i mumbled a 'thanks' and walked inside.

"Is Zayn here?" I haven't seen Zayn for a long time, the last time i've seen him was 2 weeks ago, he's being a bit distant towards us and the boys except for Louis because he lives with him but he barely talks with him.

"No, haven't seen him since last night."

 I thinks Zayn's hiding something from me and the boys and it's time to find out what.




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