'I do love him but I can't help cheating on him!' Karen is trapped with a abusive, mean, and drunk boyfriend she meets Liam and starts to fall in love with him. But if Karen's boyfriend Dan finds out he will flight to the death with Liam! © Copy write 2014. All Rights Reserved. This novella strictly belongs to Billy Yeomans and is not to be edited or modified unless permission is given. Contact Billy Yeomans at


2. Liam

"Babe go to Walmart and buy me some more beer" he said

"Fine" I said

*At Walmart*

I arrived at Walmart and found the beer section. Damn it was on the very top of the shelve. I went on tip toes but still could not reach it.

"Do you need help with that?" Asked a man behind me

"Yes please" I said

The man was very hansom.

"There you go" he said giving me a six pack of beer

I felt sad and sighed.

"Are you okay?" Asked the man

"Yes I'm fine thanks, I've just got a mean horrible boyfriend who harasses me 24/7 I love him though I don't know why though"

"Poor you, by the way my name is Liam" he said

"Pleased to meet you Liam my name is Karen"

"Good to meet you Karen"

"Maybe you could come over like tomorrow" he said

"I would like that" I replied

"See you later Karen" he said

"Bye" he said

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