'I do love him but I can't help cheating on him!' Karen is trapped with a abusive, mean, and drunk boyfriend she meets Liam and starts to fall in love with him. But if Karen's boyfriend Dan finds out he will flight to the death with Liam! © Copy write 2014. All Rights Reserved. This novella strictly belongs to Billy Yeomans and is not to be edited or modified unless permission is given. Contact Billy Yeomans at


3. Kiss

I knocked on the door and soon enough Liam opened it with a smile.

"Hi" Liam said

"Hey" I replied

"So do you wanna come in"

"Sure" I said

"Make yourself comfy" he said

I sat down on the sofa and Liam came over and sat down next to me.

"Your very pretty" he said

"Thanks" I said blushing

"You are very hansom too" I said

"Do you think this is love at first site?" He asked


I was cut off when he kissed me it was long and passionate. He lay down on top of me.

"What the hell are you doing!?" I shouted

"Doing what you want me to do" I replied

He kissed me again and this time I pulled him in. He took of my jacket and my shoes.

"Stop" I said with a firm tone "This isn't right"

"Come on baby, why don't you leave your so called husband!"

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