'I do love him but I can't help cheating on him!' Karen is trapped with a abusive, mean, and drunk boyfriend she meets Liam and starts to fall in love with him. But if Karen's boyfriend Dan finds out he will flight to the death with Liam! © Copy write 2014. All Rights Reserved. This novella strictly belongs to Billy Yeomans and is not to be edited or modified unless permission is given. Contact Billy Yeomans at


1. I can't help it!

My boyfriend is a horrible, abusive, drunken idiot man but I love him and I have since I first saw him. My name is Karen and my boyfriend is Dan or at least I call him that.

*The Next Day*

"Give me a kiss now!" He shouted at me

"Yyyyyes sir" I stammered

I gave him a light kiss but he pulled me in and started making out with me! I tried to pull away but he was to strong. He ran his fingers through hair and pulled me in closer. I gasped and managed to pull away. He smirked at me. That smile makes me want to kiss him. I can't help it! I run back to him and start kissing him. He pulls me in closer and he pulls off my hoodie.

"No way ho say"

"C'om" he said

God he can be so annoying sometimes!

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