Blood Rose

Celeste Starr has only bits and pieces of her memory. Based on what she could gather it was terrifying. Did she even want to remember?

Alone in the woods, she comes across a cabin. Will they help her? Or have they made a grave mistake?

When Celeste finds out what she is, can she cope?

What if the evil man with blood red eyes from her memories comes back for more? Will she be strong enough to stand up to him or has she gotten it all wrong?


1. Chapter One

The ice-cold midnight breeze picked up stray strands of my golden blonde hair, making them dance in the wind. Tall pine and spruce trees gleamed with a brilliant blue hue cast by the moonlight. Owls cooed and frogs croaked. The porcelain white snow on the ground was littered with various animal tracks leading every which way.

I inhaled and unnecessary breath of thin crisp air. My unnaturally cold skin tingled as light flakes of falling snow kissed my pale skin. My throat burned beneath my cold skin with an unsettling ravenous hungering. What's wrong with me? What did I crave so damn badly?

Nothing made sense. Flashes of crimson played in my memory. Distant screams and shouts rang familiar. A man. He wore all black. His eyes. Oh, his eyes were a terrible flaming red. I could never forget that man's eyes.

I shook my head. The rest was a hazy mess. From what I could gather of the memories, it was horrific. I wasn't sure if I truly wanted to remember.

As I dragged my feet limply through the snow a flickering light in the distance became clear. Between the trees I could make out a rectangular shape. Light grey smoke billowed above it. It was a house! Maybe they could help me!

With a new found hope I walked faster. I clung to my coat, shivering. I squinted my eyes as the snow picked up. Soon enough it would turn into a blizzard. I had to hurry. I was cold but I was also scared. No, I was terrified. What if the man with red eyes came back for me? What would I do? Hid? Scream? Fight? Or better yet, Give up?

I tilted my head down into the oncoming snow and broke into a run. I wasn't sure if I was running for my life or for freedom. I couldn't remember too much. I just ran. All I knew is that I sought safety. And maybe that house could provide that safety for now. With that I ran harder.

I stumbled onto the wood deck of the cabin. The door was only five feet away. I sighed. I stepped in front of the door and knocked three times. Golden light poured onto my face and I involuntarily cringed away. A plump older woman answered the door she had brown hair with thick streaks of grey running through it. Her forehead crinkled with worry as she looked me over.

I heard shuffling from behind her. "Who is it, Marla?" I heard a man's raspy old voice a ask.

"I-It's a girl, Charles." She says with a surprised voice.

The man walks into view. He has thinning grey hair and a thick scruffy white beard. His eyes widened when he saw me. "My God!" He exclaimed. "Come in!" He insists.

The woman known as Marla nods and steps aside. I step over the doorframe. "I-I'm sorry." I say with a shaky voice.

Marla closes the door behind me and gestures for me to sit down on the couch. I sank down onto the leather couch. "Don't be sorry, darling." She says smiling. "We don't get to many visitors out here in the wilderness. What's your name, sweetheart?" She asks with a tender voice. She sits down next to me.

My name? I close my eyes and think hard about who I am. What is my damn name?

Celeste Starr.... That was the only name that came to mind.

"M-my name is Celeste, Celeste Starr." I introduce myself. I was nervous, not knowing a lot about myself with strangers asking questions.

She lays her hand over mine. "My God! You're freezing!" She exclaims. "Charles get me the blanket." She commands.

He tosses her a dark blue blanket and she wraps it around my small shivering body. I smile weakly in thanks. Charles starts walking away. "She's probably hungry. I'm going to make her a plate of stew." He says and smiled back at me.

Charles disappears around the corner. I inhale. I smell meat, various veggies, spices, salt. For some reason it smelt absolutely repulsive!

Marla drapes her chubby arm over my shoulder. "So how did you get here?" She asks with a soft voice.

I look into her honest brown eyes. "I walked."

She laughs. "Your funny." She says. I was funny? "That's not possible, Darling, there's not a town around here for miles."

My brows knit together. Then how did I get here. "I woke up in the woods and started walking." I explain to her. That was the truth.

Her forehead creases, realizing I'm telling the cold hard truth. "How long have you been walking?" She asks with genuine concern in her voice.

"Hours." I say. "I was about to give up when I stumbled upon your cabin."

"Must be fate." She smiles.

"Must be." I give my best fake smile back.

She flips her hair away from her neck. I inhale. Oh that smell is delightful. Her artery is throbbing and I can hear it.

That sound was so amazing. Thump, thump... Thump, thump. I lick my lips. My mouth watered involuntarily. That smell consumed me. I couldn't describe it with mere words. Just one bite. . .

I opened my mouth. I closed it the moment I realized what I was about to do. This can't be happening.

"Is something wrong?" Marla asks. "Celeste, you don't look so good."

I nod. If I open my mouth again no telling what I'd do. That smell... No that aroma was so... Yummy. I closed my eyes. I am a human being. This isn't natural, I remind myself. I shouldn't feel this lust... This desire to sink my teeth into Marla's neck and drink her blood.

I bit my lip. A sharp pain pauses my cravings. Blood trickles down my chin. The blood is cold. What's wrong with me. My teeth have elongated and sharpened to the point of being dagger like. I gulp. I don't know how much longer I can hold out.

"Oh, dear!" Marla exclaims. "You're bleeding! Here." She reached up to my mouth and wipes the blood away. Her blood smells so entoxicsting... So delicious. Bad move.

I grab her wrist and sunk my teeth into her wrist. She screamed bloody murder as my teeth pierced her skin. Her blood was Better than I ever imagined. It was warm and thick. It smelled lovely. She tried to pull away but the struggle made it fun.

She screamed and screamed. Charles barreled into the room. His aged face crinkled when he saw me latched onto his wife's wrist. "Charles help me!" She yelled. She was weakening from loss of blood.

Charles reached to his side and pulled out a silver revolver. Uh, oh. I dropped Marla's wrist from my mouth and bared my teeth at him. Marla's eyes fluttered open and shut. I can feel warm blood dripping down my face.

He pointed the gun at me with shaky hands. I stood up and an evil grin spread across my face. He smelled yummy too. I took a step towards him and he backed up. "DEMON!" He cried and pulled the trigger.

The bullet lodged in my shoulder and blood pulled out of the wound, staining my shirt. The pain was dull compared to the intense burning in my throat.

More blood...

I tilt my head to the side listening for his heart beat. And there it is.... Thump, thump… thump, thump. I inhale the rich smell of Marla and Charles's blood. Yummy.

His eyes widen when he realizes the bullet didn't stop me. He steps back. "STOP!" He cries, stumbling back. He shoots again. This time the bullet lodges in the middle of my chest. The pain washes over me, but as soon as it was there it was gone. My fangs burned, my throat burned, every part of me longed to drink Charles blood. "Please, please..." He begged holding his hands up and dropping the gun. "D-don't do this..." He pleaded.

I laughed as I launched myself at Charles. I reached him with inhuman speed. I buried my fangs into his neck as he cried out as loud as he could. I sucked his blood savoring the taste and the high I got from it. The feeling made me delirious. It was absolutely incredible.

I dropped his drained, lifeless body to the ground. He was yummy. I chuckled. My head felt light from the sudden intake of fresh blood. I loved that feeling.

I walked to Marla and checked her pulse. Nothing. That's when my human senses kicked back in. I killed them! I am a horrible person! Wait, I'm not a human at all, am I? Then what am I?


The thought hit harder than a bullet piercing through my heart. I'm a monster, a bloodsucking monster! How can I live with myself!?

I ran to the bathroom and turned the hot water on. I let the rushing warm water cleanse my hands of Marla and Charles blood. The water in the sink turned a sickening pink color.

I looked up at the mirror, inches away. A beautiful young woman with long wavy blood hair stared back at me. Blood dripped down her chin. There were two bullet holes in her shirt were blood stained the clothes red. She was a stranger as far as I was concerned.

My heart stopped when I saw the eyes. She had blood red eyes. I had blood red eyes. They were the same eyes that I remembered.

At that moment an image appeared in my mind. Everything was pitch black. Everything except, a deep red Rose. The Rose was perfect, without a single flaw. The crimson color was brilliant as if a light were shined upon it. A drop of red water fell from one of the petals. Not water, blood. Another drop of the yummy liquid fell into the slight pool of crimson blood below. The Rose was beautiful and the blood was grim.

It was a Blood Rose....

That's when I knew that I would have eternal beauty, but I would pay a great price.

That price is more important than my soul… my humanity.

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