Baby Sister-5sos.

Fawn Clifford is an ordinary girl who lives with her band mates, Ashton, Micheal, (her brother), Calum and Luke. Fawn is the 2'nd drummer of the group. Her boyfriend Niall Horan is yet suspicious of her living with 4 boys...


1. 1-

"Wake up!" Ashton says, pouring water on me. "Fuck off!" I scream. The boys all laugh at me. I growl and stretch. I yawn and everyone coos at me. I sound like a chipmunk/baby when I yawn. I hate it. "You all should really get a life." I say. They all leave. I grab my onsie and slip my feet into the two long holes. I put in my arms and pull up the zip. As I amble down the stairs, my phone pings and my boyfriend, Niall Horan texts me. It says:

Nialler🍀/ hey baby. Xx meet up with me at 1:00PM.

I reply;

Fawn🍁/ okay, pajama day though man xx

Nialler🍀/ Ofc! As always. Xx

I delve into my car and start biting my nails. I steer around the corner and stop at a flat. This flat was Nialls new house since he moves from Ireland. He's lying on the sofa with his PJ's on and he's watching Say YES to the DRESS. I plop next to him as he sits up. He pushes me against the wall into a great big make-out. He bites my bottom lip for entrance, and I obey him, letting everything in his mouth go into mine. I play with his hair and push him off. "Let's stop now

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