Chasing Clouds

"but darling, chasing you is like chasing clouds"


2. Adilade

Chapter 2

maddies P.O.V

I finally arrived at school and walked around to see if I could find Adilade in our usual meeting spot, well actally she only meet me there when she wasn't so busy with her boyfriend Louis Tomlinson, although Adi was one of my best friends she was popular,beautiful and loved by everyone! and I was the complete opposite.

Adilanes P.O.V

I arrived at school in my usual style- hair down, cute outfit. I got a few hellos as I walked down the hall way waiting to find someone that I actually wanted to talk to. "Hey Adi" a familiar voice said from behind me "Louis!" A smile came across my face I reached up and gave him a hug. "You look beautiful" he said staring at me with his big blue eyes "thanks" I giggled "uh I'm just gunna go catch up with Harry! see you later babe" "bye Lou"

Louis P.O.V

"Harry, wait up!" I yelled across the hallway "Louis!" He replied the same way Adi did. Suddenly the bell rung "better get to class eh?" Harry said, luckily Harry was in all the same classes as me, I couldn't handle school with out him he was my best friend.

- after school -

"Do you wanna hang?" Harry said happily "yeah sure!" I replied with that we headed out of school. "Oh wait better say good bye to Adi!" I said quickly I rushed around trying to find her, it wasn't hard because she was so beautiful! I ran over to give her a goodbye hug. "Oh Louis this is Maddi" she said pointing to a unfamiliar girl "hey"

Maddi's P.O.V

I wasn't really interested in whatever Adi and Louis where talking about, I guess I kind of went into a dream, until this beautiful curly haired boy walked over, "This is Harry!" Louis said "H-hi I'm M-Maddi" I stuttered looking into his deep green eyes, "hey Maddi, I'm Harry, Harry styles" that's when my stomach was about to explode.

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