Same mistakes

He left me when I was 1 month pregnant . He didn't know . Heck I didn't even know ! What happens when I see him 3 years later ? What will he say when he sees his 2 year old daughter for the first time ? Will he figure out it's his ?


5. your drunk.

Your drunk .

* Ariella's P.O.V.*

*ring ring * I checked the time on digital clock on my night stand before looking at the caller ID to answer . UNKNOWN NUMBER . What ? Who would be calling at 4:30 in the morning . "Hello" I answered unsure if I should have answered "Ariella" I heard the familiar British voice I've been dreading to hear slurred . "Harry are you drunk ?" I answered a little surpise in my voice "maybe?" Yeah he's drunk . "Harry where are you?"I asked. "The park " "I'm coming to get you okay stay there" I said as I get up to get changed . Thank god I let Olivia take Darcy for the night I wouldn't her to see her dad for the first time all messed up . I walk around for a few minutes before sporting Harry on a swing with a beer bottle in his hand why would he do this ? He never drank unless something was wrong . "Ha-Harry"I said as I hesitate to make my way to the swings, "here go's nothing" I muttered to myslelf

*Harry's P.O.V.*

"Ariella I'm so sorry for leaving you with just a messy note without any explanation what so ever , I shouldn't have told the guys that you cheated on me, Louis told all the guys including me that you have a daughter , and it kills me that you are with someone else and happy with a Little girl I just wish I was the one with you and the father of that little girl , that man is really lucky to have you two , and I really want you to forgive me" I said nearly put of breath . I hope she forgives me ,I'm not really drunk I just pretend because I knew she would come she always does that's why I love her so much..........Okay maybe I'm a little drunk .

*Ariella's P.O.V.*

Did he just say that ? No he's just drunk "Harry your drunk " I said and sat on the swing next to him . He's has to be drunk he practaly told me he love me right ? Yeah he's definitely drunk "No I just pretend to be drunk just so you can come to my rescue like you always do , everything I just said is true Ariella ,I really really want you to forgive me please I'm begging you I love you " he said with tears streaming down his face. Did he just say that he loves me ? No he can't ! He's that one who broke up with me . It doesn't make any sense . "If you really loved me then you wouldn't have left Harry , you broke me , you left me to raise are little girl by my self " I said harsher then I meant to but I don't regret it at all . I mentally slap myself when I realized I just told him Darcy is his.

*Harry's P.O.V.*

"......" Im a dad ? I have a kid ! This is so exacting I have a kid with the women I love! I can't help but break in to grins am I ready to be father what if my own daughter doesn't like me ? My smile slowly fades away as I think about how much pain Ariella must have gone though , barely getting sleep at night because she had to take care of OUR daughter alone . I feel like Crap for just leaving her like that . "Can I meet her please" I choked out

I hope she let's me see her "Harry I -...

To be continued

I might put up another chapter later today

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