Same mistakes

He left me when I was 1 month pregnant . He didn't know . Heck I didn't even know ! What happens when I see him 3 years later ? What will he say when he sees his 2 year old daughter for the first time ? Will he figure out it's his ?


3. wait...what?

*Harry's P.O.V.*

"Ariella ?" I whispered low enough so only I can hear . As soon as Our eyes locked I looked away as I felt tears weld up in my eyes hoping nobody saw. I still love her......

*Zayn's P.O.V.*

"Ariella ?" I heard Harry wrispered to him self while looking at Ariella . He's been so heart broken ever since she cheated on him. I hate her so much. For doing that, we all hate her well be sides Harry he obviously still loves her.......

*Ariella P.O.V.*

I thought Harry was still on tour ."I have to go" I said to Olivia & walked off to go find Darcy "Darcy,were leaving" I called. "Weee" I heard Darcy say. "Darcy" I called once more "mommy come meet my friend " she says and tugs on the guy beside her sleeves . "Ariella?"

He says when he notices me. "Lou-Louis" I choked out. "Why did you do that to Harry "he says with a hint of anger and wonder but mostly . "what?"I asked very confused on what he's talking about . "You know what I'm talking about " he said Angrier then before."Mommy he's scaring me" Darcy said getting away from Louis ."it's okay baby " I told her. "Mommy?, wow you cheated and got pregnant ! "He said with disgust in his voice . " No Louis It's not like that I never chea-" "save it " he said interrupting me & walked away . I have to tell him the truth " wait Louis !" I called after him

"Bye Ariella"....................

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