Same mistakes

He left me when I was 1 month pregnant . He didn't know . Heck I didn't even know ! What happens when I see him 3 years later ? What will he say when he sees his 2 year old daughter for the first time ? Will he figure out it's his ?


1. to grandmas house we go

*Ariella's P.O.V.*

"Come on Darcy we have to meet grandma & grandpa at their house in twenty minutes " I said as I wake up my 2 year old from her nap . "Okay mommy" She says with a smile & gets up from her bed as I go pick out her outfit for today . "Darcy can you come here baby so I can change you ? " I ask . "Mommy I'm a big girl I can do it my self " she said with pride in her voice. "Alright suit your self " I giggled at how cute my daughter is , I leave the room to get ready myself , "Darcy are you done ?" I called as I make my way to my baby girls room when I'm done . When I walk in I can't help but sniffle laugh at how she looks , she has her skirt up to wear it looks like a dress and her shirt on her feet like pants . " uh Darcy do you need any help there ?" I say as I try to control my self from laughing "yes mommy" "okay but we have to hurry if we wanna get to grandmas & grandpas house early" I said . "Finally to my moms house we go" I thought to my self as I make my way to my car & I strap my little angel in her car seat &quickly make it to the divers seat.

I turn on the radio but quickly turn it off as I realized one direction was playing, I miss Harry even tho he left me when I was 1 month pregnant well I can't really blame him he didn't know that I was pregnant heck I didn't even know I was pregnant till when I got back from the doctor .but maybe I can blame him for just leaving me without any explanation , I remember that day like it was yesterday

*flash back*

"Babe are you aright ?"Harry said as I thow up for the fifth time today

"yeah I'm fine Harry probably just the flu" I said with a weak smile.

"Ariella can you please at least go to the doctor just to make sure "

" fine " he knows I don't like docter's

& just my luck I have to go by myself I thought as I remember Harry telling my earlier that the has to go to the studio.

*at the docter's *

"Ariella Gomez" the nurse said looking around for me "here" I said as. I raised my hand ."Okay come we me & I'll lead you to the room you be in with your doctor "


I reach for the handle already afraid if I'm gonna thow up on the doctor. "Okay ms.Gomez what's wrong ?"

"Well I've been throwing up lately & having bad cramps" I tell him .

"How long has it been since you got your period ?" Wait what ? Does he think I'm pregnant that's I'm possible right ? Me & Harry only did it once .

"Now that I think of it I haven't had it in a month "

"Well It seems to me Ariella your pregnant , to make sure I need you to pee in this cup for me " He says as he hands me a some what tiny cup . When I'm done I hand the doctor back the cup & wait for him to come back with the results .

"Well Ariella you are definitely pregnant " "o okay thank you " I managed to choke out .

I can be a mother ! How will I do it ? Will Harry leave me ? All these questions flood my mind on my way back .when I get back I see a note on the table , where could have this come from? I thought but as soon as I read it my heart shatters how can he just leave me like that ? I was completely heart broken. "It's okay we don't need your daddy" I whispered to my barely notice able baby bump .

*end of flash back*

"Mommy are you okay , why are you crwying ?" "yeah baby I'm fine "

*5 minutes later*

"Darcy we're here come on let's go say hi to grandma & grandpa "

"Okay mommy" as soon as I let her out of the car she runs straight for the door well actually waddles . "Be careful honey " "mommy can you help me ring the door bell?" "Sure sweety" *ding dong* rang the door bell, as soon as we pushed it my mom comes running out "Grammy" Darcy says as soon as she sees her . "Darcy ! How's my beautiful grand child ? " "prwetty good fanks for asking " Darcy says while holding her tumbs up I can't help but giggle at the sight .We come in & start talking well me & my mom really because Darcy is asleep on the couch , " Ariella when are you gonna get a boyfriend & most importantly a dad for Darcy " my mom says. I roll my eyes in response ,she been trying to get me to get a boyfriend since Darcy was a couple moths old "Mom how many times do I have to tell you this , I'm still not over Harry yet ."

"Ik but don't you think it's time to move on ?" "I don't know " I answer honlestly. is it ? I still love him thought . The rest of the day is spent watching tv my mom .

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