Same mistakes

He left me when I was 1 month pregnant . He didn't know . Heck I didn't even know ! What happens when I see him 3 years later ? What will he say when he sees his 2 year old daughter for the first time ? Will he figure out it's his ?


2. park.


*Ariella's P.O.V.*

*ring* *ring* Ugh I groaned as I reach for my phone without checking the caller ID I answer "hello" I said

"Ariella ! Are you ready I'm almost there " said my best friend Olivia oh my god I forgot today we're going to the park today "um yeah just I just need to get Darcy dressed" "you forgot didn't you " "uh ........maybe" I said "just get dressed I'll help with Darcy oh & open the door would ya ?" "I'm coming " and with that I hanged up the phone to go open the door . "Were's Darcy ?" "She's upstairs sleeping " I replied . " While you're getting ready I'll get her dressed Kay ?." She said as she begins to make her way up stairs "okay" I said as make my way up stairs , I'll just wear the floral dress I bought last week & I don't have time to fix my hair so I just put it in a messy bun thought and make my way down stairs to wait for Darcy and Olivia to return in the living .when they do Darcy comes running up to wearing a similar dress as I . "Mommy look were twins" she say with that most adorable dimpled smile ever . "We sure do baby" I replied "ready to go?" Olivia cuts in " yeah come on we can just walk their it's not that far " I said and put Darcy on my hip so she won't get tired by walking. "There's not as many people here as I thought " I said as I look around ." Uh Ariella don't look over there " Olivia says "why ? What's over there" I said as I look were she is pointing , eveything seems to slow down as I see who it is "no no no this can not be happening " I whispered mostly to my self while shaking my head..................

ooh cliff hanger who do you think she saw ?

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