Love or Hate? (Hetalia - FrUk)

England and France, being all time rivals, are always constantly bickering at each other. But when an unexpected trauma puts the two together...they realize that they probably care more about each other than they originally thought....
(WARNING: Foul language and perverted actions (mostly by France...), you have been warned. And no, there is none of....THAT stuff in this fanfiction. I have no problems with other people writing in that kind of stuff in their own fandom's, but ME? NOOOOOO.)


5. Chapter 5

    England opened his eyes, only to swiftly close them again as sunlight threatened to blind him. He sat up, making sure that he was adjusted to the light, and looked around.
    "Strange…I remember being in my office…," he muttered to himself, rubbing the back of his head. The Englishman then concluded that he must've left and went to bed sometime last night, and got up to get dressed.
    Arthur walked into the kitchen to see Francis already in there making breakfast. The Frenchman looked at him with a smile.
    "Good morning, Angleterre~"
    "Good morning…"
    "Le petit déjeuner is almost done, so just wait a little while, okay?"
    Britain simply nodded, still trying to get the sleep out of him.
    A few minutes later, England and France are both sitting at a dining table, eating crepes with delicious toppings on them. Britain had to admit that France can cook well - even if he can't really taste the crepes - but there was no way he was admitting it outloud.
    "Is it good, Angleterre?"
    England made a small shrug, "I guess…it's pretty good…"
    The Englishman's comment put a smile on Francis's face, "Thank you~"
    England shrugged again, and - much to his surprise - nothing else was spoken.
    (Boring chapter of boringness -_-"


...because he drinks tea too much. *sips tea*
    Angleterre : England (French)
     Le petit déjeuner : Breakfast (French))

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