Love or Hate? (Hetalia - FrUk)

England and France, being all time rivals, are always constantly bickering at each other. But when an unexpected trauma puts the two together...they realize that they probably care more about each other than they originally thought....
(WARNING: Foul language and perverted actions (mostly by France...), you have been warned. And no, there is none of....THAT stuff in this fanfiction. I have no problems with other people writing in that kind of stuff in their own fandom's, but ME? NOOOOOO.)


2. Chapter 2

(WARNING: France makes a perverted action…you can't blame him, though…he's, well…France… o.o)

A few days passed, and Francis made himself right at home…well, maybe he got a little too comfortable.
While England was standing at a row of file cabinets, filing in some paperwork he had to complete for his boss, he suddenly jolts at the feeling of a hand on this rear.
"France!!! You bloody pervert, you get your hand off my arse THIS INSTANT!!!"
Francis, laughing again in his French way, removes his hand from Arthur's rear, embracing the vicious glare he's receiving from his longtime rival.
"You know you liked it, Angleterre~!"
"Bloody hell! Why did I even let you into my house?"
"Because you couldn't stand seeing me standing outside, soaking wet, lonely and…"
Here he goes again… England exasperatedly sighs mentally, turning away from the rambling Frenchman and continuing to file his paperwork.
"I called your boss yesterday and told him that you were staying at my house."
"Hm~? Oh, thank you Angleterre!"
"You'll be getting all your paperwork tonight."
"WHAT?!" a pout now spread across the Frenchman's face, "You called him just so he could send me work!"
Arthur lifted a folder to his face, hiding the smirk that spread across his face.
"Well, you need to do something other than pervertedly harassing me every second of the day!"
"But you love it, don't you Angleterre~?"
Pink started to tinge Arthur's cheeks, "What?! NO!!!"
"Then explain to me why you're blushing, ohonhonhon~"
France simply laughed as England's hands wrapped around his neck, shaking him violently, but not making an actual attempt to strangle him.

(Haaaaah, normal France and England moment XD)

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