Love or Hate? (Hetalia - FrUk)

England and France, being all time rivals, are always constantly bickering at each other. But when an unexpected trauma puts the two together...they realize that they probably care more about each other than they originally thought....
(WARNING: Foul language and perverted actions (mostly by France...), you have been warned. And no, there is none of....THAT stuff in this fanfiction. I have no problems with other people writing in that kind of stuff in their own fandom's, but ME? NOOOOOO.)


1. Chapter 1

England sat, boredly watching the rain running down his window while sipping on a cup of tea. He had to admit that he liked the times where it rained, for he wouldn't be pestered by the other nations as much during these times. The only exception is that it most certainly gets a little lonely from time to time. Arthur exhales and takes another sip from his tea…
Arthur almost gagged on his tea when the sudden bangs on his door sliced through the silence like a knife through butter. Setting his teacup on the windowsill, he irritably got up from the chair he was sitting on to answer the door, muttering to himself along the way.
"Now, what bloody person would come to my house at this ti-!"
England went rigid in shock, and he forced himself not to slam his door shut in the man who stood before him's face.
It was France.
"Wh-WHAT?! Francis, why the hell are you standing on MY doorstep?! In the RAIN of all weather you hate!"
France opened his mouth to begin his dramatic speech.
"Oh England, it was TERRIBLE! My house was just utterly DEMOLISHED by who-knows-what! And I have no other place to stay!!!"
"So?! What can I do about it?!"
"You have to let me stay with you!"
Arthur gave his rival a look that says 'You seriously gotta be fucking KIDDING me.'
"Are you DAFT?! There's no way in HELL I'm letting you into my house!"
"Oh please, Arthur, PLEASE! Your house is the only place that I can actually stand living in, not to mention it actually has very fashionable items in it!" The French man was practically on his knees begging. Arthur stood silently for a long moment, thoughtful. Then he raises a hand and places it on his forehead, exhaling a huge sigh.
"…Fine. You may come in."
At first, Francis looked completely surprised, then he almost tackles the British man to the floor, pushing his face gratefully into his chest.
"Oh thank you, Angleterre~! I owe you my life!!"
"Gah!! Get off me, frog!"
England shoved France off of him roughly, but the French man only laughed in his unique French way, then he quickly walked away to find some dry clothes to put on. Arthur surveyed his, now damp, clothes with an irritated huff. Oh, what does it matter…I was going to change anyway… the Englishman thought, walking off and into his room.

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