record of the six

The six is a group of kids fight their past. They working on their future. they is living in the present. They have something will evil to hide.


8. Unknown

We got away and we hate our past, but we thank the people who in it. Our history make us. The unknown need to stay unknown. We just need to let of our angel, we so fuck mad about every that happen to us. we dived our self into two. It's was Jerry and me, Billy and Keyshia, Anna and Kate. We thing bad things, but luck us people can proof it.

When we turn ten year old, we started our new life. We love our new life and having fun. Our past is coming back, but we fight it together and we are wining. People ask why is the six is friends for? we just say "because our past". 

Nobody know our past, but until......


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