record of the six

The six is a group of kids fight their past. They working on their future. they is living in the present. They have something will evil to hide.


1. The six

Hi, my named is Diana A.K.A Miss.Indepent. I got that from my twin Keyshia and my four my best friends Anna, Kate, Jerry, and Billy. Anna and Kate are twin. We all meet when we was two years old. Our parents give us to x-who kill and they used us. we got away from they when we was eight and half. Our new life started when we was ten years and we don't like people asked what we did in the between time. People ask us that a lot. we called ourself the six. 

We went our own ways. Anna and Kate went to stay with their human parent, Keyshia, Jerry, Billy went to the hood rat, and I went to the three kids. We still is best friends, but in our new life.

Oh yeah, we is Bipolar damage three side. That mean we are mutant, human, and witch in one. all power of mutant and witch. The human know us as good and bad two side, because the witches has to hiding and we also know as bipolar.

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