record of the six

The six is a group of kids fight their past. They working on their future. they is living in the present. They have something will evil to hide.


10. The hood rat

 Sometime I think my twin, Jerry, and Billy lose they fuck mind, when they went and join the hood rat. I know Keyshia want to be close to her mutant family, but it's to close for. Don't get me wrong, I love my brothers, sister, and auntie. I also know I asked Billy and Jerry to watch her back over there. I did not asked to be a hood rat. Keyshia, Billy and Jerry helping me with the hood rat. I am happy  they find who themselves, but do I need to pay for it. The hood rat do whatever they feels like it.

There are eleven people counting Keyshia, Jerry, and Billy. There are three brothers in the hood rat they are Robin(19), Cliff (18), and Leon (17) and it is a sister in the hood rat to and her name is Rikki (19).  Rikki and Robin are twin and they hey a different dad then us. We have one more family in the hood rat and that is auntie, her name is Alyson. Alyson is my mutant mom sister and she take care my health stuff, but I don't like her. The last three in the hood is Dax, Wolf dog, and Chad. Chad and I like each other.  Mason hate that, we like each other, so he be cock blocking.

My friends V.S my best friends and my family. I hate that.


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