record of the six

The six is a group of kids fight their past. They working on their future. they is living in the present. They have something will evil to hide.


15. The assigment part 1

Keyshia: What the  fuck was we think to fuck up the note for. The six v.s x-who kill, the motherfuck  bipolar is crazy.  Working with other people who don't like us, why?

Anna: It will end really badly.

Kate: Do we have to?
Jerry: Fuck no!

Billy: Hell no!

Diana: We need to show them that we are fighting for the same thing. Pace! No, it will not,if we all work together. 

Billy: Question.

Diana: What happen if they find out about us?

Keyshia/ Anna/ Kate/ Jerry/ Billy: Yes!

Diana: How? Who is going to tell them? They might find out our history and they will do nothing.

Keyshia/ Anna/ Kate/ Jerry/ Billy: Hope so.

Diana: So, we  talk about stuff in the notebook not in a meeting.

Diana/ Keyshia/ Anna/ Kate/ Jerry/ Billy: Sometime

Diana: We need to have a real meeting, sometime today.

Anna: what time?

Diana: Soon.

Keyshia/Anna/Kate/Jerry/Billy: Okay.



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