record of the six

The six is a group of kids fight their past. They working on their future. they is living in the present. They have something will evil to hide.


2. Jerry history

Number five in the six is Jerry and he is the older. we are best freind, he is showing that man side and I hate that, because I am about female power. his nickname is Mr.Gun, because he is weapon person and he most have gun ready for people.

Jerry story is all three set of parents was shooting at him everyday and give he to Nick who is the leader of x-who kill. Nick and his two teammate Ms.Cole and Mr.Ross teaching him how control his power and taking care of him. 

One day Jerry got a enough of his parent shooting him at the age eight. He got his gun out behind him. He shot his mutant and human side parents. His witch parent run away. Nick came and got him out of the house.

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