Something diffrent

Jojo the girl nobody ever took a second look at caught the eye of the popular guys kellin and vic?


3. getting used to the house

Jojo pov

Since I have set everything up i deside to take a good look around the house and I come across kellin doing a girl and vic drunk off his ass he sees me and says "hello pretty lady" I start to blush so I use my hair to hide my face and I giggle wtf is wrong with me I'm giggling I never giggle and he pulls me into a kiss and so I push him off me and yell "what the hell vic!" I hear footsteps running down the stairs and see kellin and he tells me to go to my room and he will be there in a bit so I run to my room crying and then my door opens and I can just make out the person as Kellin he comes to me and cuddles me I berry my head in his chest crying my eyes out and he starts singing 'rogger rabbit' and soothes me within half an hour I fall asleep in his perfect arms yes I may have a small crush on Kellin but he will never want me I admit I was completely Brocken when I saw him doing that other girl I bet she only wants him cause of his money and she just walks in and yells at him for being this close to me and then he yells at her to my surprise and dumps her she stomps her foot then leaves and we fell asleep in my bed next to another and he kissed me on the LIPS goodnight

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