What You Don't Know Cant Hurt You.

My name is Kiara, and i'm a little different. Not the normal different, very different. I have met many people without them knowing. I have friends and enemies, but over all, my life is AMAZING!!!

There are a few swear words, by a few a mean a lot.... :D


1. The introduction to this story:



My name is Kiara Jane Young and I am 15 years old. I am slightly short for my age. I have medium brown hair that can be wavy, green/yellow eyes and light olive skin. I live in Australia with my mum, step-dad, sister and two brothers. My mother’s name is Lara Young. She is a little shorter than me, hazel eyes, dark brown/straight hair, and pale tanned shin. My step-dad’s name is Stephen Young. He is tall, and has dark brown eye. He also has short brown hair. I am the oldest out of my brothers and sister. My brother Jayden is 9 and he has dark blonde hair, medium brown eyes and light olive skin. My sister Rose is 7 and she has shoulder length, straight brown hair. She also has chocolate brown eyes and an olive skin tone. My littlies brother Kale is 5 and he has blonde hair, blue/grey eyes and light olive skin.

I am not a normal teenager. I know every teenager must say that, but I’m definitely different. On the inside I am pretty much still a kid. Actually I’m a lot of things on the inside. I am unique, and not the ‘I have a birth mark on my butt’ sort of thing, (I don’t have a birth mark on my butt, I have one above my left hip.) I have something more special. Some people would probably call it a power or and ability. But it’s actually a ‘power’ that has been around since around 1000 BC. It’s a secret ability, that if told to anyone you are at risk of death. So if anyone found out about my ‘power’, then I would most probably get killed. I know your just begging to know what I am. What I have to hide from humans. Well, it’s had to tell you. You may think of me as Yoda from Star Wars, because, I can make, move and vanish things with a single thought. I am strong, very strong. I’m quick, quiet and invisible if need be. You name anything, I can do it. This ‘power’ is amazing fun, but I can’t tell anyone.

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