What You Don't Know Cant Hurt You.

My name is Kiara, and i'm a little different. Not the normal different, very different. I have met many people without them knowing. I have friends and enemies, but over all, my life is AMAZING!!!

There are a few swear words, by a few a mean a lot.... :D


2. My BFF!!

“Kiara, Alexis will be here in an hour. Get up and ready, and don’t forget to tidy your room!” mum yells from the lounge.

I roll on to my back, “Yes mum!”

I kick off the quilt and climb down the ladder of my bed. I unlock my ipod that is in my docking station, and play my playlist full of One Direction songs. ‘One Way or Another’ starts playing so I start to tidy my room and get dressed.

Once I’m finished I walked out to the kitchen and grabbed a chocolate bar from the fridge. Mum is in the lounge watching the tv.

“I can hear you Kiara, stop eating chocolate for breakfast. You should be eating something healthy.” She says not taking her eyes off the tv.

“But mum, Alexis will be here in ten minutes and I don’t have enough time. I still have to get dressed.” I say back taking another bite of the bar.

“I don’t care Kiara, go have a cup of tea then that will fill you up.”

“fine” I say getting a mug out and turning the kettle on.

*ten minutes later*

“Kiara, get off the letter box will you dear, Alexis will be her when she gets here.” Mum yells from the front door.

“But mum, I can’t wait inside. Its too far away!” I yell back.

“Kiara, Kiara, can I come and sit with you?” Rose asks.

“No Rose.” I say.

“But Kiara, I want to.” Rose wines.

“1. It’s too high, 2. It’s my friend who is coming, and 3. I said so.” I say sternly, she is really getting on my nerves now.

“MUM!! KIARA ISN’T LETTING ME GO OUT WITH HER!!” Rose yells back inside.

“No dear, your sister is right you can’t go out there, it’s too dangerous.”

“MUM, I WANT TO GO OUT SIDE WITH KIARA!!” she yells at mum.

“Rose Young, don’t you dare speck to me like that I want you to go to your room now before I call up Isabella’s mum and tell you can’t go to her party next week end because you were being naughty.” Mum says sternly.

“Ok” Rose says then runs off to her room crying.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5minute go by and Alexis still isn’t here.

I grab my phone out my pocket and send her a text:

Kiara: Hi Alex, Where r u?xx

Alexis: Hi Kk, be there ASAP, Mat is a lazy dick and wouldn’t get up to drive me.

Kiara: HAHA!! Ok. C u soon. Xx :D

I walk inside and sit on the sofa staring at the window facing the back yard.

“What up honey?” mum says coming and sitting next to me.

“Alexis is running late, she said she will be here soon. Mat was being lazy.” I say with a small laugh.

“Ok love, why don’t you go to your room and wait there.  Alexis will get here when she gets here.”

“Ok” I sigh.

I walk into my room and sit in front of my book shelf. I take out my favourite books; The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant. I lay them on the floor in front of me. I drag my fingertips across all the books. “I love you, you know that right?” I whisper to my books. I’m a fangirl, I love books.

Out of my peripheral vision I see my door close. I thought I closed it when I came in. I stand and walked to my door and open it. No one was there. I walked out and into the lounge. “Mum, I closed my door when I went in there and I just saw it close itself. Are the little ones playing a trick on me or something?”

My mum just sits there smiling at me.

“Mum you look like the Cheshire Cat, stop smiling like that its creeping me out.” I say making a funny face.

“Oh, it was nothing love, I was just checking on you.” she says still smiling at me creepily. “Go back and do what you were doing.”

That was weird. She is acting really strange. I turn around and head back to my room, my door is shut again. I left it open when I walked out. Wow, I must be going crazy. I open my door and walk in to my room shutting it behind me.

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