Those Demons Expressed

Those demons in your mind, you know what I'm talking bout right? They cause you so much pain, confusion and chaos. I'm going to try my best to describe some thoughts that can occur (mostly personal experience). I want to help people out to defuse the thoughts or make them more clear so they can get through it and see they are not alone, not at all.


2. Can't Sleep?

Sleep is the time your body gets to relax, to slow all functions and to recover. Sleep is the time which your mind creates dreams a reality from your wildest fantasies but also present thoughts. Sleep should be around 8 hours a night to allow your body to function properly. But what happens when you can't sleep??

Sleep effects the way your daily life happens, your interest and mood. I'm sure you know all to well the strain limited or no sleep has on your mental strength. You constantly blank out, your vision blurs, or you have no ability to concentrate. Your slower throughout the day, your reactions both verbal and physical are out of time and late. Your head starts hurting and you can't fathom why it is your head is pounding when it has shown no sign of working throughout the day.

But why is it you can't sleep? Sometimes it can be medical but really is that what you think it is? The demons that control your mind that's what stopping you from sleeping. They make you over think, create scenarios, but mostly they tap into the thoughts that can break you. Your mind races fast enough to stop you from calming your mind to get to sleep. Your mind races because your thinking of emotional cases in your life that effect you. The demons in you tap into any partial that contains sadness, fear, anxiousness; any emotion that doesn't create a sense or happiness or calmness.

Sometimes you may tire yourself out by crying for hours on end, but your letting them win. It's difficult to let those thoughts escape without resolving the issues but your doing yourself a disservice by staying awake all night and letting them win. To really sort through anything that makes you have any emotion but happiness you need your mind to function properly and with as little emotion as possible, because your lack of sleep is causing your emotional nights.

It's difficult to let the demons not bury into every crack in your mind, but soon it will get better. The devil was once an angel, the demons can change too.

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