Those Demons Expressed

Those demons in your mind, you know what I'm talking bout right? They cause you so much pain, confusion and chaos. I'm going to try my best to describe some thoughts that can occur (mostly personal experience). I want to help people out to defuse the thoughts or make them more clear so they can get through it and see they are not alone, not at all.


1. Alone....

Alone. Separated. Isolated. Neglected
Those four words so pain driven, so unmistakably torturous. It takes a certain person to truly feel those things, to truly understand the feelings which are involved.
Alone: having no one else present; on one's own.
However, alone does not have to be visually defined in that way. You can feel alone in a crowed room. The people around you they don't understand you, or maybe they genuinely don't know you. Alone. That's how you feel.
Your with your friends and they all laugh and carry oh but you sit there smiling with that brave face but still, alone.
Separated: cause to move or be apart.
Being separate again is not physically being removed or altered from the group. Separate can be seen as a divide in which your views, feeling, outlook and personality disconnects you from society. Society advocated acceptance but participates differently. This ever lasting false hope tears down security and soon enough your separated from reality because you have been damaged.
Isolated: far away from other places, buildings, or people; remote.
The funny thing with isolation is that you are physically and mentally isolated in a particular moment. Visually it's obvious you are without anyone else but in your mind you know you are and how it really effects you. To think why you are so secluded, why people look at you differently or don't look at you at all because you "don't exist", yes it's a dangerous way.
Neglected: suffering a lack of proper care. Care from your family and friends or from yourself is the bigger issue. No matter how much you are without many other people in your life you refuse to properly take care of yourself, focusing your energy on people who care to little. Forgetting that someone is not going to care for you like you do for them, you neglect your needs.
Society it's honestly fucked in the simplest of terms. You, that's who's effected most. Some people are effected in the most positive way like every powerful being is protecting them. But many people, well, they suffer. Suffering cause thoughts, thoughts cause pain.

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