👬Our New Brothers👬

When five moms go on blind dates they each find a man and those men are the fathers of One Direction and the moms have one child each named Kate, Ally, Kim, Jenny and Victoria. Will the girls fall in love with their new brothers or will they wish they never met? Or will they first feel hatred and end in love? Find out soon!


3. 👦Meeting Zayn👦

Kate's Pov

We just got to Malibu and saw 'Our New Daddy's' and Des told us that we are going to a school named Malibu Vista.

Today I have to meet Zayn Malik he is my brother! What we fall in love? Then we can be together! Wait no we can't we're siblings! Whatever!

Me mom and Yaser just got here and we're... I'M ready to meet Zayn. We walked into the house and I saw Zayn sitting on the couch with some girl😢.

He turned his head and he saw us he stood up and so did his girlfriend. How do I know that they are dating? It's because she had a necklace that said 'Zayn' on it also they just kissed.

Me and mom introduced ourselves and they did the same. I walked into my room and heard Erica she said "excuse me I have to use the bathroom" I heard footsteps and then someone knocked on my door. I went to go open the door and I saw Erica she walked in and slapped me.

"What the fuck" I yelled at her. "Oops! Oh and stay away from Zayn or you will regret it FOREVER. Toodles!" With that she left but those last few words she whispered in my ear.

From there I knew that I will hate her forever

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