👬Our New Brothers👬

When five moms go on blind dates they each find a man and those men are the fathers of One Direction and the moms have one child each named Kate, Ally, Kim, Jenny and Victoria. Will the girls fall in love with their new brothers or will they wish they never met? Or will they first feel hatred and end in love? Find out soon!


4. 👦Meeting Louis👦

Ally's Pov

We just got to the house and I saw Louis making out with some girl. Ewwwww! "Errmm" I coughed "CAN'T YOU SEE WE'RE BUSY?!" The girl yelled.

"Busy doing what? Losing your virginity? Bitch I will take you down and kill you if I have to!" I sassed. "Your so lucky that I'm not trying to get on probation! I have a life too!" She yelled "so then why were you having sex with Louis?" I asked.

"It was kissing not sex!" She said leaving the house.

I sure showed that bitch who's boss!

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