I'll Be Back


1. Prologue

She walked down the sidewalk a hardened, unfeeling teen. She was really only 13 going on 14, perhaps, but even 18-year-olds stayed away from her. Clad in a black hoodie, light turquoise tights, purple Converse high tops, and dark purple hair, she definitely was a very bright dresser, but everyone in the town of Liverpool knew she was trouble. She had no friends because of that. True, she did not feel, but it was not that she could not feel anything at all, she felt misery, emptiness, anger, and most of all, sadness. All children did not suspect this of all things, though. Rumours spread the town of how she hurt others in the city she used to live in. Her parents had died, so she had to live with her grandmother. She did not mind, really. She took a liking to her grandmother much more than both of her parents combined. It was sad, but true. Her parents died when she was 3, not old enough to remember, not old enough to understand. That was only a month before she left her home to live with her Nana. It had been 10 years since her parents died, and then some. She missed them, like any child, she simply did not care about them. She missed them , and that was that. She walked into her grandmother's house, a full living replica of the 1950's-70's. All of her grandmother's belongings grew on her, and she was more than sure she was the only teenage girl that has used a record player from the year 2013. She looked at the record player, a record of the Doors sat on it, ready to be played. She shrugged and sat in the kitchen, flipping through her phone.

Her grandmother walked in, greeting her only granddaughter. "Hello, Roxanne." The teen looked up from her phone, and placed it down. "Hey, Nana." Of course, the old woman was still amazed by it, really. She was the only one that had ever gotten through to the kid since her parents both had died in a car crash. It was only natural for the teen to walk everywhere, having a fear of all vehicles. "I almost forgot!" Exclaimed the teen suddenly, snapping the old woman out of her trance. "I finished my newest project! I just have to show you!" The woman smiled at her granddaughter as she sped up the stairs. She was a growing artist, and had made some income for a few of her works.

But the humorous glint in her eyes soon turned to worry as she waited for fifteen minutes for the teen to come back. She climbed the stairs of the house to the girl's room to find it empty, no signs she was in there at all. Her bag was gone, and a lot of stuff from her desk was too.

The woman broke down and began to cry. She had gotten through to her, she had made sure the teen had somebody to talk to, somebody who cared about her. She never suspected her granddaughter wanted to leave.

But even so, she would've left a note.

Then what had happened to her?


HI! This is the first chapter of IBB (prologue) so all chapters will be up in a short amount of time. Don't worry, it all gets much better. This was written in late 2013. Thanks for reading!


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