Music to my heart


1. The Talent Show

"Up next Stacy Gold" the announcer says excited. Everyone claps. I'm Amber Johnson. The talent show this year is way more longer than last year, last year was probably 2 hours shorter than this years. "Thank you Stacy" the announcer says. "Up next John Peterson" He says excited again. Wait John Peterson, John Peterson, John Peterson... Why in the world does that sound so familiar. I quick pulled out my phone and started looking through my contacts and then stopped because I heard this amazing voice, and the guitar playing. Than looked up and saw his face.

Then I remembered, a long time ago one of my friend Joe gave him my number . Then he texted me these random things so I really didn't know what to do.

I couldn't keep my eyes off him, he was just so good. He turned his head and saw me, he smiled and turned. My checks turned red. My friend Steph was talking to people around us, so I turned around and said "can you please stop talking" she gave me a look and said "since when have you ever cared about the stupid talent show" "well maybe I want to care now" "okay gosh" she rolled her eyes. I hate fighting with her.

Once I got home I immediately started to text him. "Hey you where amazing in the talent show."

He texted back about 15 minutes later. "Hi, well I thought I totally sucked but thanks." When I was texting him I felt happiness go threw my stomach I've never had this feeling never before it sucked. "Hahaha you thought wrong because you sounded better than the singer!" Once I said that I looked up the song he sang I was amazed, John was better than the actual singer.

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