Fullmetal Fairies?

When Ed and Al decide to separate and discover the far corners of the earth, Ed goes a little further than planned and finds himself in a land called Fiore surrounded by magic and makes a few friends. What happens when a few of his new friends from Fairy Tail agree to travel with him back to his home land of Amestris?
This is a crossover between the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Fairy Tail.


2. Chapter 2

Sorry to be treacherous but…POV change: Winry. This story will be jumping around a bit in the whole POV. PS I’m sorry but whenever I attempt to write 3rd person from a girl’s POV it always switches back to 1st person so knowing that eventuality I won’t even try to write the girl bits in 3rd.


-Winry POV-

Ed is so sweet. He keeps sending me letters, pictures, books, and small trinkets from everywhere he goes. It seems almost as if he is afraid I will forget him while he is gone, as if that could ever happen.

He told me not to bother writing back, since he wouldn’t be in any one place for longer than a week or so. But unfortunately for him I had written a response to every single one of them, and he would read every last one and be happy about it. I had made it a habit of putting all of my responses in a box. Each was dated and contained two letters, and a picture or two- of myself or a recipe he sent me that I had attempted to make. One letter was a handwritten copy of the one he had sent me to remind him of what he had sent me and then the other was, of course, my reply.

I had kept all of his original letters carefully preserved in an ornate box that Grany gave me. I kept it on my nightstand so that all through the night I had a piece of him with me. I had reread all of them plenty of times and now knew most of them by heart.

My favorite letter by far was one where he had confessed that he had brought several pictures of me with him and that he had been worrying about them being destroyed because he had been taking them out too often. He said that they were starting to get wrinkled from him falling asleep with them in his hand. He was so worried about finding a way to preserve them better that he actually framed all of them and carried all the frames with him now. Oh Ed, you silly little thing.

He had said that he couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to see my face first thing every morning; even if, for now, that face is only paper.

I haven’t had a letter from him in quite some time. I’m not sure if it’s just how he is forced to send his letters or if he can no longer find anyone to mail it for him. After all Ed did warn me that the people who had ever even heard of Amestris were slowly dwindling into the single digits. Soon enough there wouldn’t be anyone to send his letters back to me, even though he would continue writing them. I hope that is all it is and that he hasn’t done anything stupid and gotten hurt or banged up my precious automail.

Al has also been sending me letters. It seems that once he arrived in Xing he and Mei have been traveling eastward. Apparently she insisted upon coming along with him on his journey and teaching him Alkahestry along the way. He sends pictures too, mostly of him and Mei, a few of landscapes and cities unlike anything I have ever seen here in Amestris. He even sent me a few picture of xingese automail.

He and Mei seem to be getting really close and I’m happy for them; they are cute together. Even if they don’t realize how close together that they are. Mei has grown considerably since last I saw her, but she was only thirteen at the time, two years can do a lot. Instead of the child I remember she has grown into a regal and elegant young lady.

I can hardly even wait for the next few months to pass. Ed will be here with me, where he belongs, and Al is coming back too. Mei is planning on coming to visit as well so she will return with Al from the east.

I sighed; I was really starting to miss Ed. I had missed him terribly before but after awhile his absence became a numb throbbing. It felt like half of me was missing.

Oh Ed, that baka that I completely fell for. That annoying little boy I grew up with.

Ed, that baka who has been gone for entirely too long.

Ed. Where are you?

Chapter End


Until next time,



*Baka means idiot, or moron.

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