Fullmetal Fairies?

When Ed and Al decide to separate and discover the far corners of the earth, Ed goes a little further than planned and finds himself in a land called Fiore surrounded by magic and makes a few friends. What happens when a few of his new friends from Fairy Tail agree to travel with him back to his home land of Amestris?
This is a crossover between the Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Fairy Tail.


1. Chapter 1

Edward was still grinning like a fool hours after he and Winry had said goodbye. "Well how about I just give you my whole life?" Her voice reverberated through his skull. He couldn't get it out of his head. Even though she had corrected herself to 85% of her life, because "85 is a good number." But he knew exactly what she meant to say.

Surprisingly general Mustang hopped on the train with Lieutenant Hawkeye. They sat in his booth with him.

"So where are you guys headed?" Ed asked.

"Just to see an old friend. Personally I'm surprised to see you traveling so soon Fullmetal. I would have thought Winry would have tied you up if you even suggested going anywhere in the next few years." Mustang teased.

At Mustang's comment Ed's enormous grin reappeared along with a slight flush along his cheekbones.

Mustang looked surprised at Ed's wordless response but Hawkeye merely grinned right along with him. "So I guess that means you guys finally confessed? About time." Hawkeye said.

Edward couldn't hold it in anymore, he had to tell somebody, even if it was General Smart-Ass. So he relayed what he had said and her response, his grin not faltering once.

"Seriously? Equivalent exchange? That's how you started your confession?" Mustang laughed at him.

"Well, I may have more or less yelled it; but yeah."

"It's good to know that some people never change Edward." Hawkeye said.

"What's that supposed to mean? I've grown a good five inches since I last saw you!" Ed protested.

They all laughed. The lieutenant's eyes sparkled with amusement and Ed noticed how Mustang's eyes lingered just a few moments too long on her smiling face and let out a slight chuckle.

"What?" Mustang asked defensively.

"Oh nothing, I just realized I'm not the only one who hasn't changed."

"And what's that supposed to mean?"

"Hey, Hawkeye started it!"

They continued with their playful banter until their stop arrived and they said their goodbyes.

Ed wondered if by the time he returned they would have given up the whole charade and gotten married already. It was painfully obvious to everyone around them; he was the king, and she his queen. Even Fuehrer King Bradley had taken note of their close bond and used her as a hostage against Mustang.

He sighed as he thought over Hawkeye's words. "Some people never change." That's true enough, but some people need to change, especially those two. Not to mention the bet he made with Havoc that he was determined to win. All the two of them had to do was show some sort of affection to the other in some way other than their usual meaningful glances and Havoc would have to delay his retirement plans for a few more years.

He shook his head, why should he be worrying about their love life when he could be thinking about his own.

He pulled out the pictures he had put in his coat pocket when Winry wasn't looking. There were a few of him and Al taking on the world, but mostly they were of her.
His favorite was a picture of her sleeping. She still had her work clothes on and was cuddling a wrench and half of his automail arm that she was reconstructing. The fingers of his unattached right arm curled around her own and he found himself wishing that it had been fixed or at least reconnected so it could have been him she was cuddling up to.

Another one he really loved was one Al had taken on a train ride; both he and Winry had fallen asleep. She had rested her head in the hollow of his neck with her nose buried in his shirt. Ed's head gently laid upon her's with his nose buried in her hair. That one always made him smile.

Ed's eyes slowly drifted closed as he dreamt of his and Winry's reunion after his long absence. He intended to head straight to Resembool upon his return and see Winry before anyone else.

However he was jostled awake by a very annoyed looking attendant at the border of Amestris and Creta. "Sir, may I see you passport and traveling permit?"

"Well," he fished around in his pockets for a moment. "Here's my passport. And although I don't have an officially signed permit this should so." He showed the attendant his silver pocket watch.

"Oh yes, I mean yes sir. That will so sir, allow me to say that it is an honor to meet you sir." The attendant's eyes grew even wider when he saw the name on the passport as he stamped it. "Here you are Mr. Elric sir; I wish you good health on your trip and a safe return sir."

"Thank you - Michael. Have a nice day." Ed said; glancing at the man's name tag as he spoke.

Edward quickly transferred trains and continues his travels deeper into Creta.


Months had gone by as Ed traveled ever westward. He had yet to find any differences in the alchemy of the places he visited and the alchemy of Amestris. He wondered while he was traveling why Xing had such a different view with Alkahestry than their alchemy but that he hadn't encountered anything new in his months of traveling. The only new things he encountered in each country were the laws, the culture, and the cuisine; which was only to be expected.

He spent a good week in each place he visited and he was slowly running out of gas. The burning desire to see Winry was slowly consuming him. He scribbled his thoughts to her every moment he could. Ed would send her letters, and on occasion a picture or two of himself in a foreign place. He knew she would keep them and probably hang them on her ever growing collage in the hall. If he closed his eyes he could picture the house just as it was when he left and he could smell the automail oil in the air. It was the most familiar feeling in the world and more than once he found his eyes moist when he opened them again.

He had warned Winry that since he wasn’t going to be staying in one place long enough that she wouldn’t be able to respond which saddened him. He was tempted to tell her he would wait for a letter from her before he left a certain place, but that itself could take a month for her to get it and send a reply. It weighed heavily on him that he had not seen or heard from her in eight months.

Ed knew that he and Al had agreed on traveling for one whole year before starting to come back. But with no success in the past months he was seriously regretting agreeing to it. Ed seriously doubted that he could last much longer under the circumstances.

He finally decided that he would give up if in one month he didn’t find anything new. Then he would turn back for the three week long journey home. If he didn’t find anything new he would allow his resolve to shatter and resort to crawling back to Winry with no discoveries and his tail between his legs. Just the thought of seeing Winry made his heart ache with longing.

After another two weeks of traveling westward Edward started to hear rumors of a country with “magic.” He had scoffed at the thought of magic; it was probably some bakas that mistook alchemy for this so called magic, like in Liore.

He finally asked a book store clerk what he had heard while he was checking out.

“It’s a country called Fiore, most of the stories I hear revolve around a group of people called Fairy Tail. According to what I hear they are a rowdy bunch but they help anyone who asks. They are apparently a family type group made of people from all over the country that practice magic. I hear that they don’t turn anyone away if they have a request.”

“Thank you, I was quite curious about the rumors I had been hearing. That helps a lot.” Ed paid for his books and left.

He hadn’t found anything new on alchemy in a while, and as a matter of fact their number was rapidly decreasing the further west he traveled. They were steadily being replaced by fantastic tales of adventure and things like ‘How to Become a Wizard 101.”

But Ed always made a point of buying at least one book filled with recipes of the country’s cuisine, and at least one more on the style and procedures of prosthetic limbs. He would collect a few then put them all in a box and send it to Winry along with his letter, and maybe a flower he pressed because it he knew she had never seen it before.

It amazed him how different each country was and he wanted to share that amazement with Winry. He sent her anything he thought she never would see back in Amestris. He kept sending her things until there was no one who had ever heard of Amestris. Then he simply bought a suitcase to store anything he bought her in.

He traveled so far west that it was becoming obvious that the country of Fiore was not a myth. Whenever he heard the name ‘Fairy Tail’ he knew he was on the right track. Ed could finally set a goal.

And now, his sights were set on finding Fairy Tail.


Chapter End


Until next time,


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