Angel With A Shotgun

They say before you start a war, you better know what you're fighting for.
I'm an angel with a shotgun, fighting 'til the war's won, I don't care if heaven won't take me back.


1. Prologue (Third Person)

Matt stood on the balcony over looking the river. It wouldn't be long until they came busting his door down, for Matt was different; he is an angel, not just the term when people say, 'Oh, they're just darling little angels', but the literal sense, meaning that he could fly and do whatever else angels could do. His friend of six years hurriedly opened the door and then shut it, breathing heavily.

"Morgan," was Matt's reply, upon seeing said friend.

"They're about ten clicks east of us, Matt and they're moving pretty damn fast," Morgan panted, wiping sweat from her forehead. Matt could see the fear in Morgan's greenish-grey eyes, because she knew the penalty for helping him.

"They won't get you," Matt firmly said, placing his right hand on her left shoulder.

"They got my parents, Matt.".

"Like I said, Morgan, they won't get you.".

Morgan believed him, but she said, "I went AWOL, for this, do you know what the means.".

Matt didn't look at her, instead he looked at the floor, remembering Morgan's brother Isaac. Morgan could see Matt shaking, she knew what was happening.

"Hey, you're okay, Matt, they can't hurt you or Isaac anymore.". Morgan's brother Isaac had been forced into turning into one of the ones hunting them, brainwashed if you wish. They would've gotten Matt, but somehow Isaac had broken whatever hold that they, their military had on him, buying enough time for Matt to run.

---------------------------------Flash Back: Six years ago------------------------------------------------

Morgan stood there in the shadows, watching the older soldiers carry something from the prison block. When her eyes had adjusted more, she could see that it was a boy about her age and that the boy had been badly beaten. She shook her head, staying to the shadows. What happened next scared the hell out of her. As the two older soldiers tossed the boy to the ground SHE felt the blow when the boy had hit his head. 

What was that? Is he THE ONE? Morgan shook her head again, knowing that she was supposed to love the General's son, Austin, but both Austin and Morgan disliked each other very much. She saw a familiar face standing next to the General and his cronies. Her brother, Isaac.  A pang of guilt hit Morgan dead on in her stomach. The bastards had brainwashed her brother, making him believe that he was one of them.

'I'm going to get in trouble by doing this', she thought as she moved through the shadows, not letting her bow drag on the ground. She was about to pounce, but before she could Isaac  had just taken a whipping to his back. Morgan blinked, watching both the boy and her brother. Then her brother did the unthinkable again, he had used his magic, blinding the people around him and the boy. Morgan couldn't believe her eyes, Isaac, was fighting against his handlers, the military, all for this boy.

In the confusion the boy that Isaac was protecting crawled over to the shadows, crawled over to her. The boy's beaten and bloodied form collasped in front of her.

"Who are you," she asked, helping the boy further into the shadows.

"My name is Matt.".

"Let's get you out of here, Matt," she said, picking him up and setting him on her shoulders, like they taught her to in her training.

---------------------------------Flash Back over------------------------------------------------

Morgan could see Matt sitting on the floor, hugging his knees to his chest. It seemed everytime he went into the flash back, he spent a longer time in it. Morgan sat on the floor beside him, putting her arms around his shoulders, calmy speaking to him. When Matt had finally snapped back to reality, Morgan heard the unmistakable noise of a helicopter. She pulled  Matt to his feet, half escorting him and half dragging him to the safe room. She shoved Matt inside and told him not to open the door until she got back from her trips. Morgan then spoke some Greek words and she knew that it had worked because, Matt had gasped.

Morgan smiled to herself, re-instructing Matt on what to do. Morgan went to her room and grabbed three duffle bags from her bare closet. Two bags were filled with her clothes and the other two twelve gauge shotguns and about five or six unopened boxes of shotgun shells. She dropped those off at the safe room, knocking three time to let Matt know it was her. She finally headed off to Matt's room, grabbing three more duffle bags that were arranged the same way as her's, but the third was different, the third held two sheathed twin broad swords, a katana, a rifle that had to be put together and her bow and arrow set.Once more she knocked three times and though she was somewhat invisible, Matt grabbed her by her left forearm pulling her through the door.

They were safe for now, at least they both hoped that they were.

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