"What are you?" Mike asked as if it wasn't obvious, but maybe he didn't know.

"A reject."



2. Chapter Two.

Bella's POV

I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. Michael was gorgeous. His eyes were a grassy green, his hair a pitch black, and his body was toned. To say I wasn't turned on would be a lie.


I kept staring. I think its illegal to be that hot.

"Bella?!" A ruler smacked my desk and I jumped, looking up at Mr. Kiel. "Michael needs someone to give him a tour around the school, and I want you to do it."

My breath hitched in my throat and I nodded. I then stood up and walked out of the room, waiting for Michael.

When he walked out, I glanced at his legs and saw the muscles rippled as he walked in his tight skinny jeans. And his shirt was tight on his chest, showing off his pecks. He was sexy to say the least.

My eyes wandered up and met his. He smiled and I melted.

"So where are we starting?" His accent was just as sexy as his body.

"Uh... Well Michael-"

"Please call me Mike, my mum calls me by my whole name." His smile grew and I smiled back. Omg. His smile was to die for.

I started walking, because my cheeks were getting red, due to the fact that he caught me staring. We started walking down the science hall to the main hall, this is where every hallway met.

I pointed down the English hall. "That is where you will take all English courses. Who do you have and what hour?"

"Uh... Ms. Sprague and after biology." He smiled again. Damn I could get used to this.

Wait what am I saying? I don't even know the guy.

"I have her next as well. Are you in all AP classes?"

"Yes ma'am."

Good looking and smart? Get him in my bed please.... Now.

I snapped out of my day dreams again and grinned. "Oh goodie. We have the same classes then."

"I'll just follow you then. I could definitely get used to staring at your arse." He smirked and my cheeks instantly went beet red. Omg was Mike flirting with me?!?!

"So Michael-"


"Right, sorry. So Mike, play any sports?"

"Uh football? But you call it soccer."

Yeah. In bed please. He's probably good, I mean look at those arms, legs, and chest. They were made for sex.

"And in case you were wondering, I do not have a girlfriend back at home." He winked again, and I blushed... Again. Was I really that obvious? I mean, yeah I would have loved to date him, have him in my bed even. But I'm just a reject. I'm smart but I am definitely not one of the populars. Far from it, my friends.

"Bella? You there?" Shit. I keep getting distracted.

"Hmm?" It was hardly a word, but I didn't know what to say.

He stared at me for a while and squinted, taking in my looks, personality.

"What are you?" Mike asked as if it wasn't obvious, but maybe he didn't know.

"A reject."

Chapter two is complete!!!

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