Hello Maggie

Five years from now, Mahogany (aka Maggie) Anderson is four years old. She takes on the last name of her mother, Casey Taylor Anderson. Her father? She's never met him. His name? Well, his name, is Shawn Mendes.


7. Seven

"Please, just give me a chance!" Shawn pleads through the phone. "You know that I can get a restraining order on you, right?" I question. "Casey!" I roll my eyes. "Goodbye, Shawn."

As soon as I hang up, Nash wakes up, attacking me already. We're laughing and wrestling, and soon I'm pinned down. "Stop being an ass and let me up!" I pant out. "Ask a little nicer." He says.

"Stop being an ass and let me up!" I repeat. He laughs and gets off. "Why don't you give Shawn another chance?" He asks me. "He left me." Is all I can say. "He didn't know about Maggie."

"I didn't want to rely on my unborn daughter to fix my relationship. Besides, what if I lost her?" I ask. "He would have left anyway."

"Shawn really wants another chance. I shouldn't be talking about this. I'm sorry." He apologizes. "No, it's fine. I just. I. I don't even know where I'm going with this."

"She would be so confused if I told her who her father really is. She calls Matt dad already." I say. "How do you have it so easy?" I ask him. "I never dated Matt." He jokes, with a wink.

A/N: Sorry, loves, I haven't updated in a while. Haha anyway, I'll be making a second book after this, when it's finished. It'll probably be when Maggie is 12 or 13. Okay, I'm not giving everything away :) Haha byeee! Xoxo- Dreamchaser

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