Hello Maggie

Five years from now, Mahogany (aka Maggie) Anderson is four years old. She takes on the last name of her mother, Casey Taylor Anderson. Her father? She's never met him. His name? Well, his name, is Shawn Mendes.


1. One

"Maggie! Both of your aunts are here!" I yelled. Jenn and Mahogany are like sisters to me, and to Maggie, they are her aunts. I still talk to everyone from Magcon, except for Shawn, Aaron, and Jacob. I still talk to O2L too. I just don't know what happened. Over five years, Shawn hit it big with his music and left us all, Jacob disappeared off the face of the Earth, and Aaron moved to Orlando with his girlfriend. Who cares. Shawn knocked me up and left. He doesn't know about Maggie, and I couldn't care less.

Maggie ran in. "Aunt Lox! Aunt Jenn!" She could never say Mahogany, so she calls Mahogany, Lox. Jenn, aka, jennxpenn from YouTube is easy to pronounce. My phone rang. I looked down to see it was Cam. "What do you want, loser?" I asked jokingly. "Hey idiot, can the boys and I come over?" He laughed. "Sure." I replied. "Good cuz we're here." He hung up and the door opened. In flooded the boys. "Maggie!" They all yelled. She squealed with excitement and hugged all the boys. Hayes was last, and he picked her up and spin her around. She giggled. She was getting bigger every day, and cuter too.

Connor, Jc, Jenn, Cam, Jack G, and Jack J were playing hide and go seek with Maggie. It was really funny, because Jc curled up in a ball and sat in the middle of the floor. Mahogany and Taylor came to talk to me. We laughed and joked. We were still family. That's how we like it.

Everyone was talking, and it was great. Most of the family never broke up, thank God. I had Maggie when I was seventeen, and I had desperately needed help raising her. Now she has a million uncles, and two aunts. They have all helped me so much. I don't know what would have happened if I didn't have them. I went to go make lunch for everyone, and Nash, Hayes, Carter, and Matt came to help. "Casey." Said Hayes. "What?" I asked. "We have something to tell you" said Carter. "Okay?" I replied. "Well. We got a call today." Said Nash. "And?" I replied. "Shawn called." Said Matt. "And he's coming back."

Sorry for such a short chapter. Tell me what y'all think! :)

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