Abandoned. Left in a strange place unknown to his small mind. Niall's parents have dumped Niall in Kampala, Uganda. Why? Who knows. All Niall knows is that he's scared. He's alone. And he needs love. And that's exactly what he gets. A sweet Ugandan family takes him in and loves him with all there heart. They become his family. And they help him through all the struggles he ever comes across. And when its time to let Niall stand on his own, he knows they are with him. They are, and always will be, Integrated


3. White Boy

Third Person's POV

Niall nervously held Fred's hand as they walked up to the unfamiliar house. It was kind of wide, kind of tall, kind of put together, kind of falling apart. There wasn't really a way to describe it. The other two boys opened and held the door open for Fred and Niall. The inside of the house was like the outside, except it had personality. There were intricate drawings of Ugandan landscape and animals. Niall's favourite was the black and white lion face. It looked kind of spooky but it was beautiful. "It's not very big, but it's cozy." Niall thought. 

Fred guided him to the kitchen and over to a woman by the stove. She wasn't too tall, about the same height at Niall's mom. She was wearing a dress with different shades of green in designs and patterns, and a matching headdress. "Maama wange" Fred said. Niall had no idea what it meant, but it got the woman's attention and she turned around with a smile. "Fred! Oli otya?" She responded. "Bulungi. Oli otya?" Fred said back. The language was very melodic, they sounded almost as if they were singing.

"Gyendi" she said then turned to Niall Tukusanyukidde, oli otya?" She said. Niall's eyes widened and he turned to Fred for help. He quickly interjected. "Mum, he does not speak Luganda." Fred said. His mother nodded in understanding. "Oh. Welcome. It is very nice to meet you." Fred's mother addressed Niall. "Its nice to meet you too." Niall said back. "I'm almost done cooking, so why don't you guys go into the living room and wait for me?" Fred and Niall nodded and headed back to the living room. Fred led Niall to a small couch and they sat and waited

A few minutes later, Fred's mom appeared and sat on the couch across the two. "So, I have to ask the important question. Where are you parents Niall?" Niall frowned. He didn't like answering that question. "I found him on the side of the street, and he had this letter with him." Fred answered for him and handed his mom the letter. She took it and squinted at the letter, mouthing the words and nodding when she understood them. When she finished, she looked up and smiled brightly. "Welcome to the family Niall."

A/N I know its short but this is kind of a filler to start Niall's older life.

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