Abandoned. Left in a strange place unknown to his small mind. Niall's parents have dumped Niall in Kampala, Uganda. Why? Who knows. All Niall knows is that he's scared. He's alone. And he needs love. And that's exactly what he gets. A sweet Ugandan family takes him in and loves him with all there heart. They become his family. And they help him through all the struggles he ever comes across. And when its time to let Niall stand on his own, he knows they are with him. They are, and always will be, Integrated


4. Boarding School

*5 years later*

Niall's POV

I laughed and sprinted away as Peter and James chased me along the river bank. We were supposed to be getting water, but we had gotten sidetracked when we started a game of slap tag. I was obviously winning, but they were hot on my tail and I was getting tired. I stopped to catch my breath, and James run up and slapped me right in the center of my back.

"Ow!! You're so mean!" I shouted at him. "Hey, that's what you did to me!" He shot back. "James! Be mature! Apologize! What would Fred say?" Peter said, coming up behind us. James pouted and crossed his arms. "Nsonyiwa." He grumbled out, using his first language. "Wangi? I didn't catch that." I said with a smirk. James scowled. "Nsonyiwa! I'm sorry!" He exclaimed. I smiled and grabbed one of the basins we used to carry water. "I forgive you. Now, I'm hungry and Fred and Agnes are supposed to be back soon. Yanguwa." I filled up the basin in the river and placed it on my head, speed walking away as the other two scrambled to catch up to me. 

As I made my way home, my thoughts drifted away to that day 5 years ago. I remember thinking that I was all alone, with no one to love or care for me. And then Fred came up to me. To this day, he's the one I'm closest to. Most of the people didn't even take a second glance at me, but he decided to stop and help me. Even if he was only twelve years old at the time. He's the best big brother a person could ever ask for.

I let out a long sigh and frowned. Thinking of Fred always gave me mixed feelings. 3 years ago, Fred had gone to boarding school. There were no good high schools in the area, so our mother decided to send him to boarding school. Our older sister, Agnes, had gone to the same one, and every year they would come home and spend the summer with us. When he first left, I had screamed and cried and thrown a huge fit. Fred was just as sad to leave, but he had to go and he knew that. To console me, Peter promised to stay and home school with me, and he kept his promise.

I smiled as I remembered his face when he said it. He looked so desperate and willing to do anything he could to make me stop crying. James on the other hand, just stood on the side and looked ready to cry himself. Mum had smiled a watery smile and shook her head. "Don't start complaining when the only people you talk to during the week are me, your father and your little brothers." Was the only comment she made on the matter. I had never gone to school because mum thought I would be more comfortable at home, which I was. Now, Peter and I homeschooling and James is due to go to boarding school next year.

I finally made it to the house and carefully held the basin with one hand while I opened the door. I immediately headed to the kitchen and placed it on the floor, ready for mum to boil. I heard people talking in the living room, so I quietly made my way there. I peeked my head in and my eyes widened in shock. "Fred!!" I exclaimed, rushing to him and crushing him in hug. "Niall! Oli otya?" He asked me, returning the big and rocking me side to side. "Bulungi. Oli otya?" I said the standard reply. "Gyendi. I've missed you." He said, grinning at me. "I've missed you too." I grinned back.

"Um aren't you forgetting someone?" Agnes interjected from the other couch, crossing her arms and looking at me incredulously. I smiled and went over to her, hugging her and burying my face in her neck. "Hello Agnes." I murmered. "Hello Niall. How are you?" She asked me, rubbing my back. "I'm good. How are you?" I replied, pulling back and sitting in her lap comfortably. "I am wonderful. I know Fred and I said we would be here a bit later, but we ended up arriving earlier than planned." Agnes explained their early arrival and I nodded, crapping my whole body across her legs. 

James and Peter arrived and almost dropped their water when they see Fred and Agnes. "Wegendereze! Do not drop the water! I will slap you so hard the fluids in your body will come out and you will have to go back and collect double the water to fill yourselves up!" Mum scolded as she exited the bathroom. Me and the other two laughed as James and Peter apologized and basically ran to the kitchen. "Genda mpola!" Agnes called.

James and Peter returned and greeted Fred and Agnes before we all sat in a comfortable silence. "I'm hungry." I whined, breaking the silence. "Your father should be back soon, we can eat then." Mum said. Just then, the door opened and dad walked in. "There he is! Can we eat now?" I asked. "Not even a proper greeting? I see where I stand in this family." Dad joked and everyone laughed.

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