Abandoned. Left in a strange place unknown to his small mind. Niall's parents have dumped Niall in Kampala, Uganda. Why? Who knows. All Niall knows is that he's scared. He's alone. And he needs love. And that's exactly what he gets. A sweet Ugandan family takes him in and loves him with all there heart. They become his family. And they help him through all the struggles he ever comes across. And when its time to let Niall stand on his own, he knows they are with him. They are, and always will be, Integrated


1. Africa

Third Person's POV

Niall looked out the window with wide eyes and a huge smile on his face. "Mommy, Daddy look! Animals!" He exclaimed. His parents spared him glances and small smiles before completely ignoring him like they had done for the past few days.

Niall pouted. His parents had started paying less and less attention to him and he didn't like it at all. He missed when his mommy used to kiss him and tell him she loved him every night before he went to bed, and how his dad would read his books with him and applaud him on every word he read properly. When they used to go to the park and have picnics, go to the beach and swim, feed the birds and cats, and everything in between. All his life, his parents had loved and cared for him, and suddenly they just stopped. And he had no idea why. He had been good. He made sure to have good manners, almost never made messes, and when he did he cleaned them up all by himself. So there was no reason why his mommy and daddy would be upset with him.

Niall turned to face the window and became distracted by the beautiful scenery. Vibrant green fields and valleys, scattered with tall trees and dirt roads. He saw tiny specks of what looked like giraffes eating leaves off the trees and stretching their long necks down to take drinks of water from small streams. A few miles away, a large group of elephants where sunbathing, the newborn babies stumbling over their feet and each other.

Niall giggled when the plane passed over a rain forest, and he saw chimpanzees swinging from tress and grooming each other. It reminded him of a book his Father bought for him just a few weeks before about African Wildlife. Niall looked through his small blue backpack that sat in his lap and brought out the book, flipping to the chapter about chimpanzees. He pictures showed them peeling bananas with their feet, and Niall looked out the window curiously to see if he could catch them in the act. But the plane had already moved on to a place with more buildings and cement roads.

"The plane will be landing in a few minutes, may all passengers please fasten your seatbelts and get ready to deplane"

Niall heard the announcement and quickly put his book neatly back in his backpack and put on his seatbelt, excitedly waiting to get of the plane for their 'family vacation' . He didn't miss the guilty glances his parents shot him as they exited, or the tears in their eyes as they got in the taxi. He didn't miss the hand his daddy put around his mommy or the way her body shook the closer to the city they got. And he definitely didn't miss the the sorry that was mouthed as his parents left him on the side of the road with nothing but his luggage and a handwritten letter clenched tightly in his small hands


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