Livjbg with 1d


1. London?

Emma's pov.

So here goes nothing. "Every one boarding flight 369 please board." The flight attested said. I'm going back to London, to restart my life. I'm only 16 turning 17 next month, but my mom bought me a house in Bradford, to just get away.

I caused many problems where no one even wants to look at me. My brother is in prison so I can't go live with him. I tried telling him about his girlfriend cheating on him, but he took it too far an tries to kill me, so he blames me for him being in there.

"Fasten your seat belts and we'll be taking off."I fasten my seat belt and fall asleep.

"Miss?" Some one said shaking me."miss." "Yes?" Finally awake. "Umm some one else sits here so we're moving you to first class." First class? Are you kidding me? I'm ganna be around stuck up snobs who are rich and don't give a fuck about any one else's lives but there's.

I get my bags and follow the ladie. I got inside and sit in a brown chair near a Telly. There's about 7 more people. I put my head phones in and fall asleep. "How is she in first class? She is wearing old clothes, there's no way in hell she could afford this. She problem snook on." One guy says with a heavy accent.

"I can hear you, you stuck up snobby ass bitch." I say while waking up."calm your self. How did you even get on this plane anyway? Your wearing....that." He says." Paul don't be rude." Some one with blonde hair says."be bitches all you want, but don't bring me into it. And for all your questions you suborn ass. I'm going to my new house. Rag are because I got kicked out of my house. I'm in first class cause some one took my seat so they sat me in here. Good enough explaining?" I say being a bitch back, he sooooo deserves it. "We're sorry we didn't know."curly says. "Whatever, it doesn't Matt if you knew or didn't. You don't treat some one like that." I spat. While one with black hair comes next to me. He better not talk to me or he'll get slapped. I'm done with rich people."that's hurtful." Shit I said it out loud."guess we're even." I say."what are you ganna do in London? I mean like your only like 16 so who do you live with?" "No one. My mom bought me a house to get away from my brother, so I guess I'm ganna live here and find a job and just live life." I say. As he walks to the rude guy. They keep whispering. Whatever let the fuckheads do what they want, just don't include me.

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