Livjbg with 1d


2. bro? fuck.

Emma's pov.

Black hair came over to me at the end and gave me his number in case anything happens. Curly drove me to my apartment. "This one, 302" I said while he stopped the car. "Oh shit." I mumble, on my door step, was mike, my brother. He is ganna kill me he said he would we hen he got out. Shit I need to run.

Harry's pov.

"Oh shit." She said. She is cool, she is different. "What's wrong?" I ask. She doesn't answer for a few seconds. She just stares ahead as a man who was at her door."um, er, can we please drive some where else? Please? Just drop me off at a wAwa, or something just not here."she says, why is she scared? I pull out and take off. I am taking her to the boys. "Where are we going wAwa is right there?" "I'm taking you to my place." I say."fuck no! I don't know you! Just stop the car." I keep going"why didn't you wanna go home? Who was that?" "My brother, he..wants to kill me.." She says. "We're going to my place and your staying there, end of convo." We got home, my home and the boys weren't home.

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