Hold Me, Love Me.

After Sarah Campbell landed herself a job as being a cleaner. She was more than merrier to get started right away with the money that was being offered out. Who would have thought you could earn hundreds of pounds per week, just by being a simple cleaner? Vesper De Angelo, the Lord of the Manor and head Vampire for his council, friendly business man and social butterfly. Well. . .That's in front of a crowd. Sarah comes to learn it's part of his image, where as she gets to see the real side of Mr. De Angelo when none of his socialites are around. Not knowing of what he is, and puzzled at the fact his meetings are always at night, and he is never seen through the day. Sarah lets her curiosity get the best of her as she slowly starts to learn the truth and is unable to break free.


1. Job Hunting.

Throwing another newspaper back on the stand, I picked up another and sat back down at the table in the café, knocking the table, causing my cold coffee to spill a little. Slamming the newspapers onto the table, I started to flick through the job section. This is the fifth newspaper I've been through, yet most of these advertisements want people with fancy qualifications which I don't have. What the hell does a girl have to do to try and find a decent job around here? I even asked the owner of the Café for any availabilities, but I didn't qualify enough. How hard can it be to make a cup of bloody coffee? I've brewed so many I've lost count.

I sighed heavily and took a few deep, calming breaths as I felt my frustration getting the best of me. I'm just so pissed at the fact that work had to let me go after being with the damn company longer than most who they have kept on. Seriously boils my blood. I gave my all to that stupid place for five years, it's not exactly nothing and yeah, it may not have been the most glamourous job either, but it paid the bills and got me by. Besides, being an assisstant wasn't too bad considering the person who I assissted wasn't a stuck up weasel.

Scanning through the next couple of pages, I pushed the newspaper back on the table, folded my arms and laid my head in them. Just looking for a new job is giving me a headache. "Ah. No luck as of yet then?" I didn't bother looking up to see who it was as the chair beside me started to screech on the floor. I didn't bother answering either. "Oh Sarah, come on. . .I never took you as a quitter."

Raising my head slowly, I shifted a few of my dark blonde locks out of my face as my eyes narrowed in on Felicity. "Fel, this is the fifth newspaper I've scanned through since I've been here. I do not have the qualifications these advertisements seek for."

Ignoring me completely, Felicity took the newspaper and started to flick through the pages herself. I, on the other hand, went and got us drinks. I made my a frappe this time since I let my last hot drink go cold. Placing her drink down in front of her, I sat myself down and sipped slowly on my iced frappe as Felicity stay hidden behind the paper. I tried talking a few times, but I was hushed, so now I've resulted into playing Candy Crush on my phone. Most annoying game known to man, but it passes the time.

"Got it, what about this?" Looking up, Felicity folded and turned the paper, sliding it towards me. Looking down at where she had circled with a marker, my brow quirked as I looked back up at her. She looked back at me confused. "What?"

"A cleaner, Fel? Really?"

"Have you seen how much the guy is willing to pay."

"Yeah, but thats per..."

"Week, Sarah." She piped in. "Not per month, per week."

Reading through the article again, I scanned it a few more times just to make sure what I was reading was right. "Holy shit! Six hundred pounds a week?" I laughed, looking for the contact details. "Fel, give me your phone. Let me give this person a call."

"What's wrong with your phone?"

"You're seriously going to ask me that question after I've just lost my job?"

It suddenly dawned on her. "Ah, you've been cut off." Digging in her bag, she pulled out her phone and handed it over to me. "There you go."

Quickly dialling the numbers into the phone, I glanced at the advertisors information. "Vesper De Angelo." I murmered to myself. "Unusual." I thought before slipping off to the girls room so I could hear more clearly than out there in all of that café chatter. I had to ring a few times before I finally gave up and left the guy a long voicemail, giving my contact details at the end. He probably won't even get back to me, but it was worth a shot. Hitting 'End Call' on the screen, I headed back out into the café and slid Felicity's phone towards her as I sat back down.

"Well then?" Felicity grinned, taking her phone and slipping it back into her back without looking. "How did it go? You was a while."

"I left him a voicemail."

Fel's face faulted. "Wait, what?"

"You heard right," I chuckled. My elbows rest against the table as my hands propped my head up as I supped through the straw of my drink. Leaning back in my seat, I shrugged my shoulders. "I rang a few times, and each time it went to voicemail. So on the fifth call, I left him a long voicemail and left my contact details."

"Maybe he'll contact you later on today?" She sounded hopeful as her bright smile beamed at me. She always tries to make the best of a situation. "Just make sure you have your phone left on, and on loud. You can't afford to miss it since you can't call back."

The café sooned to be over flowing with people at this point. Checking the time on the wall, I cursed under my breath. It was the lunch rush hour, and in Starbucks, it goes insane. Felicity took this on point as she saw my eyes go wide and began to gather her things at the same time that I did. Escaping the café, we headed towards a small restaurant near our apartment to order something to take out. There meatball cheese supreme club sandwich is to die for.

"Damn, I need to head back to work." Felicity sighed as she jutted out her bottom lip.

"Hey, at least you still have a job."

Scrunching up her face, she bit on her bottom lip slightly. "I really shoud learn to think before I speak."

Laughing at her, I waved her comment off with my hands before shoving playfully. "Go on, before you're late."

"I'll see you later, Sarah."

Felicity quickly scurried away to get back to work as for myself, I headed back to our shared apartment with my food. Slamming the door behind him as I entered, I slung my coat and bag on the hangers before throwing myself onto the couch. Turning on the television, I flicked through a channels until I found my favourite TV series; Criminal Minds. As for the rest of my afternoon, I spent feeling sorry myself.

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