Hold Me, Love Me.

After Sarah Campbell landed herself a job as being a cleaner. She was more than merrier to get started right away with the money that was being offered out. Who would have thought you could earn hundreds of pounds per week, just by being a simple cleaner? Vesper De Angelo, the Lord of the Manor and head Vampire for his council, friendly business man and social butterfly. Well. . .That's in front of a crowd. Sarah comes to learn it's part of his image, where as she gets to see the real side of Mr. De Angelo when none of his socialites are around. Not knowing of what he is, and puzzled at the fact his meetings are always at night, and he is never seen through the day. Sarah lets her curiosity get the best of her as she slowly starts to learn the truth and is unable to break free.


2. High Spirits.

The buzzing on my bedside table was beyond annoying. I groaned into my pillow, my body too comfy to move, wrapped up in the warmth of my duvet. The buzzing continued. Stretching out my limbs and letting a yawn escape my lips, I reached over and grabbed my phone, glancing at the screen. My eyes suddenly widened as my body jolted up right. Coughing, and making weird noises with my throat, I managed to get rid of some of the grogginess in my tone. The number that flashed on my screen was the one I called yesterday.

"Um, hello?"

"Ah, hello. Is this Miss Campbell?" Now, I'm not one to judge, but the name Vesper De Angelo seems somewhat masculine to me, but the voice that belonged to a male on the phone, despite how high pitched his voice was, to me, he sounded camp. I could just imagine him breaking out in song anytime soon. This can't be Mr. De Angelo.

"Yes, this is she." I quickly reply.

"Wonderful," He seemed rather pleased knowing he had the right person. "I am Louis Griffin, Mr. De Angelo's personal assisstant. I'm returning your call due to the voicemail you left. Are you still interested?"

Ah, so that explains it. I wonder what Mr. De Angelo sounds like then. Pulling myself out of my thoughts, I answer Louis. "Oh yes, of course."

Louis went on to explain the role of the job, which of course, involved cleaning. Luckily, the job didn't sound too bad. I only had images in my head of dirty toilets amongst the rest. Though, as Louis went on, it turned out that I would be helping Mr. De Angelo's family, assissting them and getting them what they need. So it was more of a waitress kind of thing, and with the money I was being paid, I didn't mind it at all. Louis decided instead of doing my interview face to face, he would do it over the phone since we were already talking and that he didn't have to intervew anyone until noon-ish.

"Well, it was a pleasure talking with you, Miss Campbell." Louis says. I can almost imagine a smile on his unknown face. "I have high hopes for you, you sound delightful."

I giggled...and blushed. "Thank you, Mr Griffin. I hope to hear from you soon."

"I hope that you do too, Doll. And please, call me Louis. Take care."

I grinned from ear to ear, feeling confident that the interview went really well over the phone. Placing my phone back down on the bedside table, I let out a little squeal before jumping out of bed and headed straight to the bathroom. I showered and did my business before walking back into my bedroom with a towel wrapped around my body and one around my head to hold up my soaking wet hair. I hummed to myself as I moved around my bedroom, pulling out underwear and clothes to put on for today.

It's not like I had plans or anything, but with the high spirits I'm in, I might go for a wonder and see what I stumble across. I have a bit of money, so I could probably buy something for myself and maybe meet Felicity for lunch on her break. For me, today seemed like it was going to be a fantastic day. The vibe I got from Louis on the phone did it, of course, though I don't know if I have the job yet or not, but I have a good feeling about it.

I blow dried my hair, letting my blonde, wavy locks fall aimlessly around my shoulders. I touched up my face with a bit of foundation and blush before putting a line of black on top of both of my eyelids and finished it off with a bit of mascara and some light red gloss. Standing with just my underwear on, Felicity entered my room and stared wide eyes at me.

"What?" I ask, as I started to slip on my jeans. I mean, its not like we haven't seen each other in our underwear before. We're best friends for Christ sake, and we had to share the cold showers in school after P.E. that didn't serperate off individually.

"I thought I heard something in here," She says, eyeing me suspiciously. "I'm surprised you're awake."

"Yeah, well. . .I know I've been down in the dumps ever since I lost my job, and not moving out bed until 11am, but I can't just swallow myself in self pity now, can I?" I tell her, slipping on a dark grey t-shirt with a vintage skull and rose print on the front.

"I'm glad that you're pulling yourself out of it then." She smiles before looking down at the watch on her wrist. "I need to get going." She sighs before looking back up at me. "Fancy meeting for lunch?"

"I was gonna ask you the same thing," I smile as I walked over to a set of drawers that had bottles of perfume and deodrant sprawled on the top. "But sure thing, ring me once you get off?" Picking up a bottle of 'Chanel Chance', which I got for Christmas from my parents, I sprayed myself a few times before setting it back down.

"Will do, chick. I'll see you later on." Felicity quickly disappeared out of my room as I moved back towards my bed and sat down on it to put on my black heeled ankle boots. Standing back to my feet, I slipped on my leather biker-looking jacket along with my knock off Ed Hardy scarf. Smiling to myself in the mirror, I turned, picking up my bag and headed out to the shops for the morning.

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