Hold Me, Love Me.

After Sarah Campbell landed herself a job as being a cleaner. She was more than merrier to get started right away with the money that was being offered out. Who would have thought you could earn hundreds of pounds per week, just by being a simple cleaner? Vesper De Angelo, the Lord of the Manor and head Vampire for his council, friendly business man and social butterfly. Well. . .That's in front of a crowd. Sarah comes to learn it's part of his image, where as she gets to see the real side of Mr. De Angelo when none of his socialites are around. Not knowing of what he is, and puzzled at the fact his meetings are always at night, and he is never seen through the day. Sarah lets her curiosity get the best of her as she slowly starts to learn the truth and is unable to break free.


3. Doubt.

After meeting Felicity for lunch, I headed back into town to browse the shops since nothing caught my eye this morning. It was rolling on four in the afternoon and I couldn't stop checking my phone for missed calls for just in case Louis would call. I sighed and grunted, throwing my phone back into my bag, reminding myself he is still probably interviewing other candidates for the job. Walking into All Saints, I walked back out after fifteen minutes with two bags full of clothing and no more money left to my name. Great. Time to go home.

Slamming the apartment door shut with my foot, I headed to my bedroom and threw my bags on the bed, along with myself. Grabbing a pillow, I held it to my face and screamed into it. It was nearly six in the evening, surely Louis would have rang me by now. All of my hope of getting this job is starting to fade. Throwing the pillow hard against the hall, I would let out a huff before sitting back up and stripping myself out of my jacket.

"Sarah?" Felicity called through the apartment. "I brought home Chinese!" Forcing myself out of my bedroom, I met Felicity in the kitchen. As she pulled out the plates, I pulled out a bottle of wine out of the fridge. "Oh no," Looking up at Felicity, her brow was knitted in the middle as she pointed at the wine. "What's wrong?"

Grabbing two glasses out of the cupboard, I would head into the living room with Felicity on my heals. "I don't think I got the job. Louis hasn't rang back, and surely his afternoon interviews were long over a few hours ago."

"Sarah," Felicity would chuckle lightly taking a seat after I do on the couch. "They'll not make an immediate decision. They have to look through everyone, and pick out who is more suited. It could take a couple of days. Don't doubt yourself, okay?"

Pouring wine into each of the glasses, I sat back as Felicity dished out our chow mein noodles and sweet and sour chicken. "Yeah, I suppose you're right." I chewed on my bottom lip before downing my glass and refilling it. "Problem is, I got so hyped up today, I spent the last of my money on suitable clothes for just in case I got the job."

"Here," Felicity handed me my plate. "Don't worry, okay? Even if you don't get this job,  I'm good for the money and I can sort things out until you find another job. We're set."

Swallowing some noodles, I wipe away the sauce that slapped onto my chin. "That's besides the point, Fel. I shouldn't have to turn to anyone. I should be able to earn my own way."

"And you will, Sarah. Jeez, you need to cut yourself some slack." Felicity would scorn me with narrowed eyes. "You've just hit a minor bump in the road, it'll run more smoothly soon. You'll see." Before I could even reply, Felicity piped up the volume on the television that she must have turned on when she first walked in. "Ooo Criminal Minds is on...Derek Morgan can put me in handcuffs anytime." She'd squeal, wiggling in her seat.

As Felicity continued to 'Oh' and 'Ah' each time Derek Morgan showed on screen, I mindlessly picked at my late night dinner. I managed to eat half of the food on my plate, and that was at a push. My tastes buds were taking more of a liking to the wine. I don't think Felicity even realised when I got up to get the second bottle from the fridge since I polished the first one off. Moving the empty bottle to the floor, I would top up her glass as I did mine before relaxing back into the couch.

Another episode of Criminal Minds followed after the one that we watched. I'd groan, surprisingly, because I love watching the series and I would usually be swooning over Derek Morgan along with Felicity. Tonight, I wasn't feeling it. Collecting our dishes, I took them to the kitchen - with my glass of wine - and left Felicity to watch the episode. After pouring the leftovers into containers, I'd place them in the fridge before seeing to the dishes in the sink.

Kick In The Teeth by Papa Roach started to sound from my bedroom. My phone. Drying my hands with the towel on the side, I slumped my way to my bedroom and grabbed my phone. Seeing the the number flashing on my screen, my eyes grew wide as I fumbled to press answer, nearly dropping my phone.

"H-Hello," I answered before quickly clearing my throat. "Sarah speaking."

"Hi, Doll." Louis voice sang through the phone. "I'm so sorry for ringing you so late, but I couldn't wait until tomorrow to tell you."

I got the job. I got the fucking job. Holding back my awaited squeal, I kept my voice cool and calm to seem casual. "Oh?"

"You have the job, Doll. It's a definate. The others were so drab and sounded lazy." Louis would groan before letting out a small chuckle. "But you, my dear, are full of life. I like it, and I'm sure Mr. De Angelo will be pleased with my choice. When do you think you can start?"

Finally letting out a happy squeal, I'd chuckle lightly before answering him. "As soon as you want me to."

"Wonderful! How does tomorrow at noon sound? I'll have a driver come pick you up from where you live. Make sure to pack some clothes for the rest of the week."

"R-Rest of the week?" I questioned, near enough slipping over my own words.

"Of course, Darling. You'll be living in the Manor through Monday to Friday, I thought I had explained this to you?" Louis tried to sound confidant, but the unsureness of his tone gave him away. "Didn't I?"

Placing my palm to my head as I closed my eyes, I let out a breath as I gave my head a little shake. Could I really go and live in a strangers home five days out of the week? And surely, as I am a stranger to them, how do they know I won't take anything? Not saying that I will, but you can see where I'm coming from. Shit. I need to answer him. "It's fine. I'll pack some things."

"Are you sure, Doll? If you're no longer interested in this proposition. . ."

"No." I quickly fired out. I need this job. I can't afford not to have it. "I mean, it's fine. Honestly. I'm sure I want to take on this job, more than anything."

"Oh, I am so glad to hear that. So I'll see you tomorrow?"

"As long as your driver is on time." I would joke, a silent sigh of relief leaving my body as I flopped back on my bed with the phone still attached to my ear.

Louis stifled a chuckle at the other end of the line. "Of course. I'll see you then."

As the line went dead, I let my phone fall out of my hand and onto the bed. Resting my arm over my forehead like a damsel in distress, I pondered on the fact that I'm going to be living with strangers through week and living here on the weekends. This is going to be weird for a fair while, but I guess it won't hurt until I save up enough cash from this and look for something else. All I need to do now is tell Felicity about the situation I have now landed myself in.

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