All i could remember were his green eyes
They had me in a spell
Stop being stupid Amelia
He kidnapped you
Your mind reminded u
Hes a killer
Not a lover


2. trapped

|| Harry Styles

Chapter 2: Trapped


He was taking more steps towards me and I wasn't doing anything I was just standing there paralyzed.I could hear voices in my head telling me to run away and not look back but I couldn't move.I was mesmerized,lost in the beautiful dark green eyes of the man standing in front me that I didn't realize how close he had actually come until I heard his heavy breathing.He's a murdered my inner voice yelled in my head and that's when it hit me.

"Look what we have here." he said with amusement looking down at me and I broke eye contact with him.That's when I started freaking out again I was standing right in front of a murderer and the fact that I was a girl and even worse alone didn't help at all.I gulped and looked at my own feet.

"WHAT DID YOU SEE?" he suddenly yelled and I jumped taking a few steps back. Nevermind about the beautiful eyes this man is a criminal.I was trembling from fear and was about to start crying.No don't cry.

"N-nothing." I said my voice just above a whisper but I'm sure he heard me.He observed my face closely his eyes burning holes in my head but I didn't dare look back at him.

"Liar." he said and started again walking closer to me and that's the moment my feet finally listened to me and I run away.I started running as fast as I could without caring about my feet which were hurting and hoped that he didn't follow me but I was soon disappointed when I heard someone else's shoes echoing in the distance.Faster Amelia! I looked behind me still running to see if he was close and he was and he also looked really pissed off. When I turned my head back I was faced with a brick wall and I stopped just in time.Damn it!

I looked around me to see if I could escape from somewhere but I was trapped. I turned around and pressed my boby against the wall closing my eyes and letting my tears fall down my face.This was like a nightmare. I didn't dare to open my eyes I didn't want to see his face again. If he wanted to kill me like he did to that poor man I knew I couldn't do anything to stop him.Why me? After a while I felt his hot breath on my face.

"Open your eyes." he demanded and the tone of his voice made me flinch but I didn't open them.

"I SAID OPEN THEM DAMN IT." he screamed in my face and I did as he said immediately too scared to resist for any longer.He smirked.

"P-please I won't t-tell anyone." I said my voice trembling. He looked amused by my fear and started laughing. He placed his hands above my head on the brick wall and brought his face close to mine.Please.

"How do I know that now,do I?" he said and I couldn't stop the tears that were falling from my eyes as I thought about the things that he could do to me.

"Please let me g-go." I begged him my voice cracking in the end. He took a deep breath and brought his lips near my ear making me turn my face away from his.

"I don't think so love."


Chapter 2 yeahh :),I'll try to make next chapter longer.

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