All i could remember were his green eyes
They had me in a spell
Stop being stupid Amelia
He kidnapped you
Your mind reminded u
Hes a killer
Not a lover


5. the key

Harry Styles

Chapter 5: The Key


When I woke up Harry hadn't come yet.I was all alone locked in this horrible place and that idiot didn't even think about giving me some food or water before he left. I started walking around the empty room when my eye caught sight of the wardrobe in the corner and curiosity got the best of me.I decided to go and open it. I just wanted to see what was inside but when I tried to do so it didn't open,it was locked. I let out a sigh and walked back and threw myself on the bed. How long will I be here?

Am I even going to get out alive or will he kill me? Those were the questions that were running through my mind and made me cry again. Will I see my mum again or my little brother Mike or Lizzy?I miss them so much. I have been missing for almost two day they must have noticed. Have they called the police? I hope so I can't stay here any longer.

As I pulled the pillow closer to my body something fell to the ground making a small noise. I stood up and looked down to see a silver key lying on the floor. Could it be? I walked towards the wardrobe and placed the key in the locker turning it to the right. A clicking sound was made which meant that it had been unlocked. Should I do it? He will never know Amelia you will close it after. I put my hand on the door and opened it. Inside were clothes and a big suitcase. What could be inside it? He wouldn't lock it if it wasn't something important right? I looked at the door to make sure he hadn't come yet and took the suitcase in my hands. I pulled it with all the strenght that I had and placed it on the floor. Well that was really heavy.

I looked at it uncertain if I should open it or not and when I extended my hands to do it a noise was heard from behind the door.Harry was back. I quickly placed it back and closed the door locking it afterwards to make it seem like it was never opened but at the moment that I was about to hide the key again the door opened revealing Harry. I placed the key in the back pocket of my jeans without him noticing and stood straight as Harry walked inside.

"Miss me?" he asked and winked at me. What a jerk he is. I decided not to answer his question for my own good.

"I-I'm hungry." I said instead in a low voice looking at the ground.

"Yeah I thought so,come with me." he said and when I moved the sound of something hitting the floor was heard.Damn it! The key fell from my pocket.I looked around me panicked and then at Harry who had a frown on his face.

"What was that?" he asked looking at me intensely.What do I say now? Lie Amelia lie my inner voice told me.

"N-nothing." I said trembeling from fear.

He looked at the floor and his gaze met the key which was lying right next to my shoes. He bent down and picked it up and when he looked at the wardrobe behind me his face went red from anger.

"Where did you find this?" he shouted in my face and I didn't dare to meet his eyes.

"When I talk to you,you answer me!" he yelled again.I gulped.

"I-it was under the p-pillow." I managed to say.

"Did you open it?" he asked a bit calmer this time.

"No." I whispered looking up to him since he was much taller than me.

"I don't know what I'm gonna do with you." he said taking a strand of my long black hair and putting it behind my ear.

"But I swear if you do anything stupid I'll kill you." he said through gritted teeth his green eyes never breaking contact with my blue ones. I nodded and he grabbed me from my arm leading me out of the room.


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Next chapter will be better and longer so watch out. I wanna say THANK YOU for reading this. Love u all, bye.

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