All i could remember were his green eyes
They had me in a spell
Stop being stupid Amelia
He kidnapped you
Your mind reminded u
Hes a killer
Not a lover


27. save her

|| Harry Styles

Chapter 25: Save Her


I parked my car outside the house and got out closing the door angrily. I had called Louis five times and there was still no answer which pissed me off. But then I saw something else which made my eyes widen and my heart starting to beat fast.The front door was opened.What the fuck?I ran quickly towards it looking at the half opened door and that's when it clicked me. Louis. He was the one responsible for this. I knew it, that's why he sent me to the club with the excuse that he had to tell me something important. I walked inside going directly to Amelia's room. I knew she wouldn't be there but I just hoped. Pushing open the door I saw exactly what I expected to see, an empty cold room with no Amelia inside. I let out an angry groan and kicked the door with my foot.

This wasn't good.Louis has a plan and I'm afraid Leonard is involed in it too. Fuck this,fuck everything. I went to the bathroom and threw some water on my face, I had to think more clearly. I rested my hand on either side of the faucet and looked up at my reflection on the mirror. I was breathing heavily trying to calm down. I closed my eyes sighing but when I opened them someone else was staring back at me. It wasn't my reflection anymore it was my dad. He had blood in the corner of his mouth, his eyes were a dull blue colour and he had a eronic smirk on his face.I blinked a few times trying to get rid of his image but nothing happened he was still there.

"Hi son." he said emphasizing the word 'son'. He was talking to me.Am I going crazy?

"I'm not your son." I said angrily at him.

"Don't be so harsh son after all I'm not the bad one here." he said laughing slightly.

"You are and you know it you never cared for me, about your family." I yelled.

"You were a bastard and your mother a dirty whore." he said angrily.

"Shut the fuck up!" I said through gritted teeth.

"And don't forget that you were the one who killed me." he said clear enough for me to hear.

"I was trying to protect myself." I defented myself. He laughed at me.

"See Harry we are not that different from each other." he said smirking.

"I'm not like you." I shouted.

"But you are, look what you did to that poor girl." he said and I parted my lips ready to speak but I stopped.I couldn't say anything he was right.

"You hurt her badly and now she is in danger and you are standing here talking to a person who is dead."

"I'll save her!" I said.

"No you won't and you know why Harry?Because you are just like me.You don't care.Don't try to prove me wrong." he yelled and I shut my eyes trying to stop listening to him.

"I'm not!" I objected.

"You are, you're a selfish-"

"STOP IT!" I yelled.

"You're a monster."


"A MONSTER!" he continued pushing me to the edge.

"FUCKING STOP IT!" I yelled one last time and hit the mirror with my fist making it break and fall into small pieces on the floor.Some of them created small wounds in my hand making blood to come out but I didn't care the pain was the last thing that I cared about right now. The voices stopped, I made him stop.I fell on the floor on my knees with my hands over my face and through my messy curly hair. I am not like him.

"Fucking hell." I yelled hitting the floor with both my fists. I have to find her and do it now before it's too late. I will save her if it's the last thing that I'll do. I have to because...because I have feelings for her and maybe that will be my only weakness.


I looked at the grey eyes of the man standing in front of me and didn't dare to speak. As much as I tried to hide it he was and looked quite scary. My blood had frozen in my veins and my heartbeat had increased in the point were you could clearly hear it if you wanted.He releazed that I was afraid of him and smirked shaking his head.

"So you are the one and only Amelia." he said with his deep raspy voice. How does he know my name?I turned my gaze to Louis who was standing behind him silent smiling. He did, he had everything planed out. I felt a hand on my cheek and turned back at Leonard whose hand was now caressing my cheek. I looked at him disgusted and moved my head away.

"Don't touch me." I said trying to sound strong and not weak like he thought of me. He chuckled turning to Louis.

"Feisty I like it." he said and put both of his hands on my arms pulling me forcefully up so now I was on my feet looking straight at him.

"When I finish with you you won't be like that any more." he said and I looked down avoiding his gaze. I wasn't going to cry, it was something that I did a lot lately but not today. I didn't want to make them happy by doing so.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked him and he came in front of me.

"Because Harry did wrong and I have to show him that everything he does has its concequences." he replied.

"And what do I have to do with this?" I asked him my trembling voice giving away my fear.

"Oh but you have my love." he said and turned around going and sitting on his chair.

"Louis take her to the basement." he ordered and Louis nodded approaching me. Did he say the basement? He grabbed my arm with forced and led me out of the room.

"Louis please let me go." I told him as he was pulling me with him and walking fast.

"Shut up your big mouth." he said annoyed. He opened a door revealing a dark corridor with stairs at the end making me gulp.He looked at my frightened expression and smirked.I followed him and in the end he stopped right next to a cell which looked just like the ones they had in jail.Scary.

"You are not leaving me here,are you?" I asked him just above a whisper.

"Actually I am!" he said and pushed me inside the small dirty cell. Before I could do something he had closed and locked the door.

"Bye for now princess, hope you like your beautiful castle." he said sarcastically.

"Fuck you!" I yelled hitting the door and he started laughing.

"Did you just curse? I thought you were too innocent for that."

"I'm not innocent." I told him.

"He changed you." he said chuckling and with that he walked away leaving me here in this dark and scary cell.I sat down carefully hugging myself and closed my eyes trying to forget were I was.

"Amelia." I heard someone call my name but it was really distant.

"Amelia." he called again and now I could hear better the voice was coming closer.I knew who it was. I stood up slowly looking around me confused. Where was he?

"Amelia." I heard again and approached the bars of the cell gripping them with my small hands.

"Harry!" I called out his name.

"Where are you?" I asked him.

"Here." he said and I narrowed my eyes trying to make out something in this dark place and I did. I finally saw his green mesmerizing orbs looking back at me. I reached my hand out through the bars trying desperately to touch him but I couldn't. The only thing I could see were his eyes.

"Harry help me!" I cried out.

"Amelia I will help you." he reasured me and I smiled but it was cut off once the light in the room turned on and I saw who was standing behind him.It was the man with the dragon tattoo again.Leonard.He was holding a gun in his hand and was aiming it directly to Harry who hadn't seen him yet.

"Harry." I called his name trying to get out of the cell and just when he was about to turn around the sound that I didn't want to hear echoing through the place.Harry got shot.His eyes which were still looking at me widened and he fell on the ground as blood started to get out of the corner of his lips. No no no he can't do that to me.

"Harry ,Harry." I started crying and calling his name but nothing.I could hear laughing in the background but I didn't care.

"Don't die,don't you dare do that to me." I yelled trying to reach out for him.There was no response.

"I love you." I whispered.

"Harry, Harry." I kept saying.

"He's not here love." someone yelled making me opened me eyes.I looked around me scared waiting to find Harry's lifeless body in front of my cell but I didn't.It was all a dream a really weird one. I was still breathing heavily. I looked up to find Louis standing there with a smirk on his face. The sound of a lightning was heard and I jumped up quickly standing up. I leaned my body on the wall behind me and looked at Louis.

"You were dreaming of him?" he asked laughing. I didn't answer his question though.

"What happened in your dream?" he asked calmly. I hesitated before answering, I wasn't sure if I should.

"He died." I whispered.

"Sounds more like reality to me.He might also die if he objects Leonard's orders." he said. He opened the door and came inside approaching me. I couldn't go anywhere so I stayed in place.He took my wrists in his hand and tied them up with a thick rope.

"Now move." he ordered and I did as he said. When we finally got out of there and my eyes saw the light of the big room in front of me I blinked a few times trying to adjust to the brightness. Louis pushed me and put me right in the middle of the room which was filled with other criminals all looking at me hungrily like a lion does with its prey.I was feeling really uncomfortable and tried to hide myself behind something.Then Leonard appeared his heavy footsteps and the sound of the rain being the only sounds in the silent room.

I gulped looking him straight in the eyes as he made his way towards me. I took a few steps back hitting Louis chest and I realized that there was no escape.

"Don't worry love. I'm not going to kill you yet.I'm waiting for someone first." he said laughing.

"Who are you waiting?" I asked him quietly.

"You know." he said.Everyone around was looking at us without saying anything hearing our conversation.

"He won't come." I told him knowing to who he was reffering to and he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"And how do you know that?" he asked me amused.

"Because he doesn't care." I simply replied.

"You know nothing love."he said and just then some weird sounds and yelling were heard.Everyone rushed at the door curious to see what was happening.

"Let me go Zayn!" someone was yelling. Leonard turned to me with a smirk on his face.

"See I'm always right." he said and I looked at him confused with a frown on my face.I was about to ask him but my question was answered when the big door opened and in came Harry.His hair was wet and water was dripping from his clothes. He looked at me with his now dark green eyes and then to Leonard who was standing in front of me and after taking a deep breath he spoke.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?"


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